Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Days 26, 27, and 28... The End

ATV ride
this was taken up in the mountains near justins dads house, we went on an ATV ride to get some fresh air and enjoy the view.
It wouldn't be proper for me to leave out my favorite accesory, my converse. I always try to include them in my pictures, they even appeared in my wedding invitation and at my wedding.
The End
This is my last picture for the month, It was taken on my drive home from work today. I really like that the mountains are back lit, because I normally only see them from the other or front lit side.

The Things I learned:
1. It's hard to stay motivated to post and take pictures each day
2. Taking a random picture is easy, taking a good picture is hard.
3. You have to take your camera everywhere, and take pictures of everything

I liked the challenge, but I think that maybe I'll just stick with taking and posting pictures every once in a while.

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