Thursday, December 4, 2014

August Pre Baby

In August JJ and I discovered an awesome castle park not too far away from our house. He loved getting out of the house and running around, even though it was WAY too hot outside!

this kid is quite a character...

In the summer the movie theatre had a cheap kids movie during the day, JJ and I went to see Rio.

Shortly after Justin and I moved to Layton the first time the ogden temple closed and was torn down in order to build a new building. We were so excited to be able to tour the beautiful building with JJ. When I was young my family and I were able to tour the Minnesota temple and even though I dont remember it, it still holds a special place in my heart. 

These boys of mine, man I really love them!

After walking around the grounds we headed over to Farrs for some ice cream, but the line was outrageous so we went to grab some hawiian shave ice instead. 

Sometimes its raining, daddy is out, its almost bedtime, and this munchkin wants to play outside... and at those times I have to say yes. I remember having a standing date with my lovely friend Kat every time it rains to meet inbetween our houses in the street to dance, talk and play in the rain. Rain makes me feel great! the smell, the grey skies, something about it just sets me right and ensures a good day. 

I got significantly bigger after my cute belly pics...

Auntie B and Charlie came to visit Utah and JJ loved having them here! 

Those tiny toes used to be in my belly too, that is so trippy.

Just when you think you cant get any bigger, you can.

JJ and I also discovered a splash pad, yep it was a million degrees but I sat there and watched him afraid of the water then running through it.

We tried to make time to go out as a family of 3, knowing it wouldn't just be the three of us soon. 

 Times up baby boy!


Baby #2 Bump

This time around I wasn't sure I'd take pictures of my HUGE baby bump, but when my adopted sister/talented photographer/lovely girl Joycelyn came into town I changed my mind. I am so grateful that she captured these awesome pictures in between thunderstorms.

Yep she rocks! I am so grateful to have these pictures from before baby number 2 came into our family. 

UP NEXT: August Before Baby

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

June & July: Summer Lovin'

When I "backed up" my phone for June and July it didn't work and I had no idea until after the pictures were gone... luckily I have all the ones from the Internet. Here is a mash up of  what happened at the beginning of the summer.

One beautiful and hot summer day I met up with my girl Jenny Hope and her darling Melanie. We couldn't help but take a picture of these two cute kids in front the salt lake temple!

JJ loved playing with squirt guns in the backyard.

This year was our first summer in our house and we were excited to see how our strawberries would do! they were planted when we moved in, and we ended up having more berries than we could eat so we made some freezer jam.

This is one of my favorite pictures of our family of three, the lighting is bad and its super grainy but I will love this forever! Hopefully we can recreate it when we're a family of 4.

These boys loved having a park so close to our house. although I didn't enjoy how hot it was while we were there.

Justin loves eating muffins for breakfast, so I started baking them all the time and stashing some in the freezer for when the baby arrived. Every time JJ heard the mixer going he grabbed a chair and insisted on 'helping'. blueberry muffins were his favorite to help with since he got to eat blueberries in between. 

JJ and Justin love to wrestle each other and sometimes JJ becomes quite the daredevil.

baby bump!

Justin and I had a weekend getaway to a great resort in Park city, while we enjoyed a peaceful dinner and no kid waking us up JJ played and played at Kim and Kathy's house. 

There are some days where JJ just can't wait for Daddy to get home from work and he insists on watching for him out the window.

Rain isn't something that comes all the time here, and when it does it doesn't last more than about 15 mins. When it rains all day you have to take advantage of it!

Some days when daddy works late or has meetings you just need a mommy JJ date and some ice cream!

Justin took JJ for the day and I went off to Lowes to gather supplies to build a desk and some shelves in a closet. I love shopping for building supplies, unlike shopping for clothes because you are rarely disappointed!

We love our neighbors and Justin loves having boys next door! Justin introduced them to spike ball, and they had a blast playing!

Sometimes in order to get everything in you have to combine  work time and snack time!

On the Left is the closet before and on the right is the closet after, it hold so much more stuff now and keeps things organized instead of on the floor in piles.

My family got to come again and we were lucky enough to go to Rockport lake and use Kim's boat.

The family who plays together stays together!

JJ loves reading books with grandma and grandpa

we played mini golf and JJ took a less-structured approach then most of us. 

we made the switch to a big kid bed, and after a little complaining he slept just fine!

Our garden went crazy in the summer weather and JJ enjoyed picking peas off the vine and eating them.

On the fourth of july we traveled down to draper to watch the fireworks at Rio Tinto stadium. 

I put up some shelves in our upstairs hallway and I am loving having my cookbooks so accessible.

I painted this big quote for baby's room, and will have to show more with the whole room reveal. 

One summer night our neighbors made a big screen on the back of their house and we watched Night at the Museum.

On the 24th of JULY we were a part of something we've been hearing about since we moved in... 
The Cul De Sac of FIRE!
Everyone in the area brings their fireworks (and dessert) into the cul de sac and we gather on the grass to watch them all light up the sky, it was SO COOL!