Monday, December 16, 2013

Pumpkin Patch and CANDY!

Before Halloween we were able to go to the pumpkin patch with our good friend the Hopes, the same one we went to last year. JJ tried to pick up his favorite and quickly realized that it wasn't going anywhere.
There was a small hay bale maze and JJ really liked it until he threw straw in his face like one of the other kids and didn't enjoy the taste

Then he found a more fitting pumpkin to carry around while we hunted for one to carve.

The light that day was so perfect I have about a million pictures, and these two boys are adorable!

I can't believe how different things are from last year when we took our family picture here!

We met up with the Hopes and Melanie was thrilled I took her picture...


I love the looks on their faces, Melanie is like "another pumpkin... really?" and JJ is like "LOOK! A PUMPKIN!"

After stopping for a quick bite to eat we went over to the Hopes house to cut them open! Jenny and Dallan LOVE (in the most sarcastic way possible) pumpkin guts... and it is hilarious to watch.

Melanie however really loved touching, and even eating the pumpkin guts...

JJ really wanted to help carve the pumpkin.

Jenny and I finally got to carving the pumpkins hers is on the left and mine is on the right... mine was supposed to be a minion, I didn't quite have time to finish.

on Halloween Justin and I went to Chipotle for dinner and then headed off to crash the Hopes trick or treating.
Before trick or treating we stopped for a few things at Target and even picked up a traditional pumpkin for JJ's candy

look at that cute little Bam Bam!

he had a blast trick or treating and was pretty surprised people were just giving him candy.

When we got back to Jenny's parents house we had hot chocolate and candy, JJ really like candy!

October was way fun! November includes a lot too!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

October Highlights

Between our families coming to town and all of the pumpkin picking and candy hunting we did some fun things, these are so not in order but you get the idea.
Justin and JJ have so much fun playing and I'm totally jealous of how hard he laughs while he plays with daddy.
While living with Sue and Leonard I have a new love for canning and I now realize its not quite as daunting as I originally thought. We had an apple tree in the backyard and got to make some applesauce with about 6 types of apples, YUM!

I also showed one of our fellow ward members a new way to eat cucumbers, as quickles. I remember my dad making these almost every night in the summer, a quick pickle with cucumber, onion, tomatoes, red vinegar, and rice vinegar.

I was at the farmers market late in the season on a rainy day, and as you know it just cant resist good produce... I walked away with a few pounds of these gorgeous cukes to try my hand at making pickles! they tasted great, just not as crunchy as I expected.

This little boy is really becoming attached to papa!

JJ sees me take pictures all the time and he copies just about everything we do.

JJ had/has a phase where he wakes up WAY too early. This time he woke up a little after 3 in the morning! ugh. we watched too many movies and then I finally decided that we were going to the mall to tire him out... he lasted the whole car ride there and then conked out in about 10mins.

We did almost all of our house hunting in October and put an offer on the house top right, obviously we weren't meant to get it and ended up in our awesome house!

JJ has really curly hair, and one day during bathtime we decided to see exactly how curly it is.

JJ is my shopping buddy and behaves most times, although sometimes he gets bored and lounges in the shopping carts.

sometimes he gets really creative!

JJ enjoyed some time looking at motortrend with Leonard and pointed out all of the red cars, and even some that weren't red.

I started October with long hair and finally decided it was time for a change and cut it off.

I like to soak up anytime that JJ decides to cuddle.

My good friend Jenny and I decided it was time for a girls night out! our first stop was Asian Star, a really great Chinese restaurant where we ate way too much!

Then we walked up to the capitol and talked on the benches outside.

After burning some calories we decided to see if we could get ourselves into any trouble downtown... turns out we're kinda boring and instead we found Sephora and tried out the bright lipstick! then we went out for pie and milkshakes and got home way too late!

I am really loving watercolors right now, and sometime soon will probably have way too many around my house.

This kid is so silly, and active it's not often he's sitting long enough to get a not blurry picture. This picture is my favorite!

Justin and I went out on a date to see Gravity and have dinner. We went out for sushi and Chinese food which is my favorite!

This kid is a total goof ball!

Sometimes when J wakes up early from a nap he isn't in the best mood and he needs to vedge before he's happy again.

I made homemade chicken noodle soup, it was amazing!