Saturday, April 30, 2011

Picnics 101

This past Thursday (our "saturday" since he works saturday) Justin and I took advantage of the 60+ weather and had a picnic in the park near our house. It totally made us miss our Ultimate frisbee days back in California, so we threw the frisbee around even though it was windy. Here is our guide to a great picnic...
First: find a good spot, one with a view is always nice.

Second: make sure you have the essentials, lunch, a frisbee, comfy blanket,
tennis shoes in case you want to play, and a buddy to share it all with.

Third: sprawl out and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

Fourth: Become "One" with nature

Fifth: Take a nap... I wasn't that tired.
Sixth: Cuddle up with your buddy

Seventh: Have fun with your camera!

number 7 continued...

Eighth: Take time to look up, you just mind mind something interesting.
(this is not photoshopped, there was a ring around the sun)

Well we hope you find this guide helpful, I know we enjoyed our picnic. We can't wait for the weather to be warm more often, picnics are one of our favorite kind of date. Of course feel free to add your own spin to it, but most of all remember to have fun and enjoy the sun!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Bunny!

Today was Easter Sunday as you know, and we woke up to a pleasant surprise. Two little girl easter bunnies (the girls that live above us Havannah and Sophia) left us eggs to find on our front steps. This totally made my day!  Those girls are such sweethearts! This made it feel lots more like easter since Justin and I spent it as a couple. In case you wanted to know what we had for dinner we had Chicken Supreme, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, and salad. Hope you had an enjoyable Easter!
Our front steps covered with eggs.

Our Easter loot

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


One Year ago today Justin and I went to Ruby's diner on the Huntington Beach Pier to have dinner, the same place he took me on our first date. I thought we were going because I had a coupon... little did I know the boy had something much different in mind. After dinner we went and stood on the edge of the peir and watched the gorgeous sunset, then Justin looked at me and said "So, I talked to your dad..." (to ask for my hand in marriage) Then he got down on one knee, opened a little black box and asked me to marry him. My jaw dropped... for two reasons 1. I had no idea he asked my dad (my dad was in town that week and they snuck out to sushi together) 2. the ring was AMAZING! (the one I had in mind was much less sparkly) Of course I said yes!

Then Six months ago I married my best freind and the most wonderful man alive. We were Married in the Newport Beach Temple, then partied till we dropped with family and friends. The next day we headed off to our Mexican Honeymoon, and had an amazing time there.

Here are a few of the Things we've learned the first 6 months of our marriage:

October: direct from justin "We learned that cruises are pretty much the only way to vacation."


November: I turned 20! We learned that driving from California to Utah in a car by yourself is not very fun, and that trying to find things after packing them up is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

December: Justin learned that he wouldn't freeze to death... at least not literally,when we visited Minnesota for Christmas.

January: We figured out how to drive in winter weather conditions. Justin hates driving at night while it's snowing! We also moved into our first place in Layton, and learned that after you open all those wedding presents you end up with a mound of cardboard boxes.

February: In February we took a long weekend to California and learned that 50 degrees feels amazing after being in the snowy weather, and Justin can't wait for the snow to melt so he can go golfing. I learned that a picture a day (even if it's only for 28 days) is really hard, and time-consuming

March: I started work as a nanny for a 3 month old baby and learned how to eat lunch while holding a bottle. Justin learned that "compressed natural gas can do wonders for this country" (he and his dad convert cars to CNG at their new shop in Layton)

April: We learned that it can be 65 degrees one day and then snow the next, and how to entertain 3 kids when it's snowing outside and there is no power (the answer: board games, pretend food, and stickers)

All in all the big thing we learned... We LOVE being married! so here's to many many years and an eternity of learning things together.

Water wars, Easter, and Basketball.

     Water Wars!
This year it has been an especially wet winter and spring, and the drain outside of our basement apartment overflowed. As a result the carpet in our apartment was soaked about 10 feet in. At one point our apartment sounded like an airport because of the fans blowing to dry out the carpet. All is well now, the carpets have been cleaned, the pad ripped out and going to be replaced soon.

     Easter! Basketball!
This past weekend our friends the Hollands came into town for a family easter party. We were able to spend time with them on Saturday. We started by having breakfast at a bakery-cafe called "Kneaders", they have all you can eat sourdough pancakes or french toast for only 4.99! Breakfast tasted wonderful albeit amazingly sugary. After our sugar-high breakfast we went to a store called "Go Bananas" owned by Taylor Hollands Aunt. We then played a few rounds of Phase 10 while eating some pizza. We also helped stuff easter eggs, the boys played basketball and frisbee.

 The Holland family was generous enough to let us crash their Easter party. I played papparazi for Janae, Taylor and Molly Holland during the easter egg hunt, then everyone ate burgers and hot dogs.