Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Water wars, Easter, and Basketball.

     Water Wars!
This year it has been an especially wet winter and spring, and the drain outside of our basement apartment overflowed. As a result the carpet in our apartment was soaked about 10 feet in. At one point our apartment sounded like an airport because of the fans blowing to dry out the carpet. All is well now, the carpets have been cleaned, the pad ripped out and going to be replaced soon.

     Easter! Basketball!
This past weekend our friends the Hollands came into town for a family easter party. We were able to spend time with them on Saturday. We started by having breakfast at a bakery-cafe called "Kneaders", they have all you can eat sourdough pancakes or french toast for only 4.99! Breakfast tasted wonderful albeit amazingly sugary. After our sugar-high breakfast we went to a store called "Go Bananas" owned by Taylor Hollands Aunt. We then played a few rounds of Phase 10 while eating some pizza. We also helped stuff easter eggs, the boys played basketball and frisbee.

 The Holland family was generous enough to let us crash their Easter party. I played papparazi for Janae, Taylor and Molly Holland during the easter egg hunt, then everyone ate burgers and hot dogs.

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  1. that looks like my husband in that top basketball pic. is it so? :)