Friday, June 28, 2013

A Ball Fight

After our Zoo adventure Justin's mom offered to watch the two boys so that the Kapahuas, Justin and I could go out to dinner and then see the new Star Trek movie. We hurried and ate our delicious pizza and then dashed across the street to the theatre. We really enjoyed the movie even though none of us are die hard trekkies.
After dinner we came home to two happy boys and a worn out and happy Memere. Then we went outside and played on the trampoline with the balls from the ball pit.

JJ had tons of fun throwing the balls, and slid on them all the time.

Maukua liked sliding around on top of the balls.

I think Justin enjoyed this just as much as the little boys did.

After a little while everyone joined in on the fun in the trampoline, Justin got hit (where it hurts) by one of the little boys and went down... and we had a ball throwing contest.
David had fun throwing the balls, and Makua enjoyed being hit.


Look at that kid! this is by far my favorite picture of their trip... what goofy kids we have!

Memere and her two boys!

we also stuffed balls down the boys shirts... and then we got a little silly and most everyone was dying in laughter!
JJ playing catch with uncle David.

don't they look like they love each other? its quite a brutal friendship but we hope that they will be good friends throughout their lives.

After a very full and fun day Memere got to squish JJ while he drank his bottle.

Having the Kapahuas and Memere come to visit was SO MUCH FUN! we can't wait till august when we will be able to visit California again!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

It Was a ZOO

On Memorial day we went to the Zoo! It was so nice since Justin had the day off, and we could spend the whole day with Memere, Jolie, David and Makua! JJ got some sugar from Memere, probably more than he could handle but that's what's grandmas are for!
We started off our Zoo adventure off by riding the carousel. Justin rode on while I took pictures.
I think Justin and Jolie probably had more fun on the carousel than the boys did.

We rented a stroller at the Zoo since we forgot ours and the two boys had fun playing together, the little goon in the Blue is ours... it cracks me up that his ears poke out when he has his hat on, and that he was so stoked about the stuffed tiger Memere got for him (and Makua is just checking it out)
We saw seals and sea lions, and a polar bear in the Rocky shores exhibit

The snow leopard was right up against the glass so the boys could get really close.

When Makua gets tired he gets cuddly! and really wanted to give JJ a hug.

Here are just a few of the animals we saw at the Zoo... A tiger, a Rhino, Bald eagles, otters, lynx, snow leopard, monkeys, orangutans and a polar bear.
One of our last stops was the Elephants, which was great since they were playing and taking a bath.

Both our boys love riding on their daddy's shoulders.

I am so glad we got a shot of all of us enjoying the elephants and not having to pose and smile.

Makua and his Daddy David

JJ really loves his papa!

A picture of almost all of us (we're missing Kim, Kathy, and a few of the girls)

To finish off our already great day at the zoo we had ice cream, JJ isn't a fan of the ice cream quite yet but he loves to eat the cone!

Makua REALLY enjoyed the ice cream!

We even found a spot where we could get a view of the elephants without any one's head in the way.

Of course... another shot of my boys being goofy...

And JJ using Justin's head as a drum!

We had so much fun showing JJ and Makua all of the animals at the Zoo! But that's only the first half of our day!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013


At the end of May Justin's sister Jolie, her husband David, their little boy Makua, and Justin's mom (aka Memere) came to visit! On our first day with them we went up to Justin's dad's house to enjoy the great outdoors. All of the kids played in a kiddie pool in the backyard, well JJ played with the water but didn't want to get in it.
They had a ton of fun splashing each other and playing with the balls.

Man look at the thighs on that kid!

our little GQ swim diaper model

JJ also got a turn on the slide and totally loved it!

After playing we worked up quite and appetite! along with dinner we had some corn, JJ and Makua loved eating it! Makua demolished a whole ear by himself!

This was JJ's first time having corn and he wasn't quite sure what to do at first but he figured it out.

JJ has really warmed up to Papa Kim (Justin's dad) and loves spending time with him.

In the Man cave (garage) the boys like to practice their shots

We also took JJ on a couple four wheeler rides! Our first trip was down to the beach... yeah not the ocean but the closest thing to it, a lake...

It was such a gorgeous day!!!

this is the lake, not as nice as the ocean but still pretty.

While the little girls enjoyed the water, the big "kids" had a rock skipping contest.

My boys... aren't they cute! and that house you can see... it's Justin's dads, totally awesome right?

JJ really wanted to get all the way in the water, so we had to hold him back the whole time.

and look at the awesome pictures Justin got of me and JJ!

He's even getting kind of artsy, I'm so proud!

Justin taught him the proper rock-throwing form.

On the way back to the house I got this shot of JJ and Papa Kim on the four wheeler together in front of the street sign that they live on.

Then daddy took him out for  ride too!

Makua LOVES the four wheeler!!!!! one time he even fell asleep on it!!!

Jolie got to ride all by herself

nothing is stronger then this boy's love of the Vroom-Vroom!!!

We also got a chance to ditch the kids (sorta) and go out fishin' on the boat. Kim made it a completion between boys and girls. Justin got the first bite but broke his line while reeling in. David was next and got a bite although it didn't last. Jolie and I were up next, and neither of us got a bite. We had a lot of fun joking around and enjoying time without the kids!
Jolie and David! enjoying their kid-free cuddle time.