Monday, June 10, 2013

Bees with the Hopes

In May we had 4 tickets to the bees game and last minute we texted our friends the Hopes and they were able to come! Last summer we enjoyed a few bees game with a smaller JJ and a pregnant Jenny. This was little Melanie's first Bee's game!!! at one of our last bee's games Jenny and I sat next to each other with the boys on either side of us... they didn't get to talk much and have joked about it ever since. This time we put them next to each other and even let them handle the kids for a little while.

JJ played with Jenny and his new Salt Lake Bees hat (an awesome promotion for buying honey and bringing in your receipt)

I even got to squish this little one for a little while.

What good Daddy's they are :) for taking the kids.

Melanie loved watching the game although she got a little distracted by her toy monkey.

JJ enjoyed watching the game upside down this time, what a silly kid.

Melanie was time for bed and getting a little chilly so Jenny wrapped her up in her sweatshirt and helped her take a little nap.

Melanie totally looked like a Jedi all wrapped up in the sweatshirt hood.
Near the end of the game, the Bee's mascot came over to say hello and JJ was not a fan! he looked really worried and kept reaching for Justin. To keep the kids occupied the boys stood a few rows over and tried to get the munchkins to sleep.
We are so glad the Hopes were able to come with us and glad to have the Hopes as our partners in crime, we can't wait for more adventures with them this summer!

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