Thursday, June 26, 2014

February is the shortest month

My goal every February is to accomplish something, because I figure that if I can stick to something I might as well give myself a chance by doing it in the shortest month. This year I wanted to organize one room/area each week. My first project was JJ's closet and his toys, then I got rid of the junk pile in our master bedroom. My next stop was making better use of our coat and junk closet in the hallway. 

Just by buying a couple of Rubbermaid containers and a shoe organizer for the door, I created more usable space and now its way easier for me to find cleaning supplies and shoes for JJ. 

I hope to do a post dedicated to our next little one, but for now here are just a few updates. We had our first ultrasound just before 12 weeks and baby looked healthy and great! 

Both of the boys needed haircuts really bad and after they looked more handsome than ever.

some nights call for a picnic on the floor and watching a movie. 

JJ still hadn't been feeling well off and on and daddy seems to make everything better around here so some extra cuddle time was in order.

The weather was warmer off and on and I just had to let JJ play outside on the playground for a little while to enjoy the sunshine while it lasted. 

The only time you find this whirlwind falling asleep on me is either when he's sick or I've kept him up way past nap time and he finally crashes. This time he was sick. Although the good news was that we finally figured out what he had, the doctor said it was adno-virus... and because of the virus and all of the plane rides he ended up with mild ear infections and a possible sinus infection too, poor kid. 

Someone got a hold of a pen while I was occupied... it took lots and lots of scrubbing to get rid of. 

JJ got crafty for valentines day, and messy!

I wanted to do a little photoshoot with JJ for Valentines Day, and to use for postcards. I like to send out cards for Valentines instead of Christmas, to keep things interesting!

This one turned out to be my favorite and the red wall in my kitchen even came in handy. 

My next organizing project was my craft room, it was a disaster area and it didn't have a bit of storage space. 

JJ got this awesome little kitchen for Christmas and was so excited once we finally got it set up.

In order to organize my craft room I needed to add storage and my first order of business was to add a book shelf and containers to store my junk. Later on I'll add a desk for my sewing machine and screen printer, and I'll add some shelves to store the stuff still on the floor. 

JJ loved getting outside and sporting his minion hat that my Mom made him.

Shopping with these two is sometimes fun, especially when you can hear them giggle through the whole store.

JJ proudly sporting his trike for the first time at our new house. 

The warm weather made everyone come out to play, and we are so lucky to have awesome neighbors who also have a basketball hoop in their yard.

JJ and I went to a second hand kid store and found this awesome bag of plastic animals and dinos which he loves to play with.

Yep this kid is cute!

JJ tried to take a selfie with my big camera

Every once in a while Justin gets a craving for sushi and I follow along because I could eat Chinese for every meal. we tried a new place this time and JJ wanted to help Justin pick out the sushi. 

Isn't it strange when you look at them and feel like they've grown up overnight?

Another project for February was to get rid of the red kitchen wall. I'm not a huge fan of red and it wasn't very us.

So I painted in a blue-grey color, honestly I would love it was darker (more navy) but Justin wasn't sold on the darker color. This is the start of making our house feel like our HOME. The large poster to the right of the window is the swatch for the tan walls, again not my favorite color...the tan that is. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Life never stops moving: January

It really is true, that life never slows down. We have had a pretty busy year even for us! I haven't been very diligent about taking pictures with a real camera even up until now (June) and I'm hoping I'll get back into using my camera soon. Anyhow... here is my recap of what happened in January. 

We enjoyed some time checking out a frozen yogurt shop by our house, it totally reminds me of all of my Berry Cool outings with the Irvings!

JJ likes to watch his shadow as the light comes in our kitchen. 

In one day 3 separate people helped us to clear our driveway and sidewalks, including our bishop, and our backyard neighbors. We live in such a great area!

JJ had his first hamburger, and daddy is so proud.

Around Christmas time we heard that might great grandpa wasn't doing so well, and early in January he passed away. We were very fortunate to be able to travel to California to spend time with the whole family. While we wouldn't have wished for these circumstances to bring everyone together we were grateful that all of his kids, grand kids, great grand kids, and his one great great grandchild. 

This kid was pretty much a traveling pro by the end of the month  (10 plane rides in two months helps)

My dad arrived just before us in California and was able to pick us up from the airport, and it's hard to say who was more excited about their reunion!

We made time for family pictures down on the beach and time to eat at Ruby's at the Huntington Beach peir, which holds a special place in our hearts.

Justin and Brent got some quality time together, these two are two peas in a pod. 

We also got to spend time with the Stratmans who are pretty much an extended part of our family, who came down spend time with our family. 

We also announced to the cyber world that we're expecting our second little one to come into our family in August (i'll post more details sometime)

It was so great to spend time with all of our extended family. 

We also made it a priority to eat some chocolate malted crunch ice cream from Thrifty's, YUM!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of My great grandpa Darrell, he was so handsome.

He was very strong, and equally strong-willed (wonder where we all got it from, ha)

One of the things he made sure to pass along to all of the grand kids and great-grand kids was his love for fishing.

We tried to go whale watching, and although we didn't see and whales we enjoyed the time by the ocean. 

My family had to leave and JJ and I still had a little time there and we were able to spend it with The Irvings. JJ and Jill enjoyed some time at Chick-fil-a

We also went out for frozen yogurt.

Me and my Shadow (this saying usually followed by jazz hands)

JJ spent time with GG reading stories, and talking to her before bed time. 

We LOVED our time in California and the sunshine there and we will always miss it when we leave.

JJ got sick sometime after Christmas and seemed to get better for awhile but got sick again after our trip to California. 

There are some days when I've had quite enough off the tantrums but when daddy comes home it all seems to get better.

Later on in January JJ and I traveled to Wyoming following the Passing of my Uncle Tom to spend time with our family out there. 

It's not often that this one falls asleep on me so I am very grateful when it does happen.

I didn't take very many pictures on our trip but we enjoyed seeing all of our family out there and I enjoyed spending time with my mom, dad, and brothers again. 

JJ can't get enough of the Boys, he loves having people to play with and loved getting to spend time with them over and over again. 

We had a pretty long day in the airport following our trip but JJ handled it pretty well. First we took of from Billings MT.

Next we spent some time in Denver walking around and checking out any shop we could find. 

We also killed some time eating cookies, sometimes you just need a little treat.

We organized JJ's closet.

next comes February...