Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby Update

Last week Justin and I got to see our wiggly baby on the ultrasound. Justin wasn't able to go to the first ultrasound, so this was the first time he saw the baby. Our little guy kept his legs together for quite sometime but eventually relaxed and we were able to get a peek. We also know that he enjoys being squished, running his feet up the walls, and having his hand next to his face.

now for your questions:
I'm 21 weeks along and growing outward (will post pics soon)
I have been feeling the baby move for a month now, he kicks even harder when his daddy is around. Justin said he wants to start rough-housing.
We don't have a name picked out yet, but we probably won't until he's born.
The baby's room is still un-decorated but I will be getting started soon!

A Mystery, BBQ, & Halloween.

In the spirit of Halloween we had a dinner party with the Abbotts. It was Clue themed, which was seriously fun. I wasn't sure Justin was going to get into his character but at the last minute he asked me to put a mustache on him (so fun!) We ate pizza by candlelight, played the Clue board game and the watched the movie Clue. (totally cheesy and dramatic but hilarious) We are so glad to have our partners in crime back!

At the End of September I started work at Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse in Sandy UT. The original locations are in Dallas, Texas our location is the only franchise so far. They are looking to open a new store in West Valley UT which I may transfer to when it opens. If you are looking for authentic Texas BBQ apparently this is the place to go.

I really wanted to get into Halloween this year, so I found a few inexpensive ideas for decorations. The trio of Jack-o-lanterns are made from vases from savers, acrylic paint, and black vinyl. The spiderweb is made from yarn attached to the ceiling and walls and the spiders are leftover paper. I cut the bats out of a poster from the dollar tree, And last of all we bought the cheery little pumpkin who lights up at target. All in all it really felt like Halloween, I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!