Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Basilica Block Party: Day 1

While I was Minnesota I was able to attend and rock out at the Basilica of St. Mary. The block party is hosted by a local radio station Cities 97 to raise money for a gorgeous church in downtown Minneapolis. Cities 97 is the best radio station ever! yep... EVER! they always have great music new and old, and they have interviews and live sets with some killer artists.

The Jayhawks were the second band to play on the Main Stage. The Jayhawks are originally from The Twin Cities so most people are familiar with them. They debuted in the 1980's so I haven't really heard much of their music although I did enjoy it.

David Gray was the headliner on Friday night. He totally rocked! and has a great sense of humor and even decided that he was going to do a header with a GIANT beach ball going around the crowd. One of his more popular songs is "Babylon" on his first well known album White Ladder, He also played many of his songs from the more recent album Draw The Line. If you haven't listened to him before, you should!

UP NEXT: More Basilica block party, the culinary tour and baseball.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

 As you've probably guessed I took a vacation from the blog, to Minnesota!!! When Justin and I found out we would need to move to California for the summer it also put a damper my parents plans to visit us in Utah. Justin suggested that I go to Minnesota to visit my family despite the fact that he would have to stay in California for work. On july 8th I flew from Orange County to San Fransisco and then on to Minneapoils.
The San Fransisco Airport was a new adventure for me, I loved how many books were crammed into such a small space in this bookstore.

There were also quite a few pieces of art in the teminal I was in. There were large pieces of art like these two, hanging sculptures, and even art pieces made from what some would call junk (i.e. soda cans, tires, telephone wires, glass bottles, and more!)

Airport food is SO expensive! so I found a more delicious and WAY cheaper alternative, some delicious San Fransisco Sourdough. I also brought a loaf home to my Mom as a hostess gift.

Taken from the tarmac in Minneapoils while we were waiting to take of.

I saw these fluffy clouds out my window and wished they were as much like giant cotton balls as they look.

It was bittersweet leaving my family and friends in Minnesota, but thanks to blogs and skype we can keep in touch even though we are more than 2000 miles away.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Before and After

The past two week I have been working on two transformations, one for me and one for my Aunt Jill. First the awesome kitchen re-vamp, jill and I built a L shaped bench seat complete with storage for her dining room table.

After building the bench we painted the kitchen and spray painted some shutters to add to the cafe feel we are going for. Of course her kids wanted in on the fun of painting so we let them start then put on a movie so we could finish faster.

 Doesn't it look awesome? Jill says it looks like a totally new kitchen! and she now has "the bug" and wants to re-vamp more of her house, so don't be surprised if you see more of her house here this summer

The other transformation I worked on was for me, I decided I needed a change so I cut and colored my hair. My hair color doesn't look much different in the picture but it's darker in person.