Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Newest Adventure

Justin and I are counting down the days until we embark on our new adventure (11 days if you we wondering) Well what will happen you ask? We will be packing up and moving to California for his new job training. I am getting more and more anxious by the day and today I "test packed" my suitcase... just to make sure everything fits, and Justin just laughed. Although we are very excited to spend time with our family and friends in California we are definitely going to miss our new friends here in Utah.

 Justin will be working for a company called Western Water Works which is expanding into Utah. The company supplies piping to move water to places. He will work in the sales department (if you want a more detailed description, ask him) We will be in California from the 11th of June to sometime in late august, because the store in Utah's target opening date is September 1st.

Here are just a few of the things we are looking forward to...

A day at the museum

Originaly Justin and I made plans with the Abbotts (our frequent partners in crime) to go to a race at Rocky Mountain Race track but since it was going to rain we decided on plan B, the Aero Space Museum at Hill Airforce Base. We had a great time wondering what it would have been like to live in that time or to fly in some of those planes.

This is what the inside of the atomic bomb looked like

An original propeller found at a crash site in Alaska, I love how worn it is!

An old school version of the presidents plane.

A dinosaur computer, can you imagine using something like that?

And there were some even bigger planes outside!

This one is more our size

Wendy and I both agree that this does not look like it should be able to fly

The sidewalk ran right under the back end of the plane. Marty decided to be funny and pretend to not notice the plane in his way. He didn't actually run into it, although he made me think he would.

These planes were massive a few were too big to get the whole thing in the shot.
 The only bummer about this museum... There wasn't a single plane you could get into.

                                        UP NEXT: Our new adventure

Monday, May 23, 2011

Friday the 13th

On Friday the 13th we decided to go to a Blaze game at Energy Solutions Arena. Justin and I checked the website and so did our friends the Abbotts, but when we got to the arena there was nobody there... Turns out the game was the next day.

So we put smiles on our faces and found something else to do...
Since it was such a nice day outside we decided to go walk around temple square.

The Salt Lake Temple grounds are filled with TONS of brightly colored flowers! Wendy and I had fun taking pictures while the boys talked "guy stuff"

There were so many different kinds and colors of tulips, These striped ones were my favorite by far.

Such a beautiful Building!!!

At the end of walking around the light was amazing! After looking at all of the pretty flowers, we went to the Church History Museum. It was Incredible to remember all of the pioneer sacrifices and how the church grew in its early days. All in all we made what could have been a flop into a very good night.

Up Next: More crafts and a New adventure.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A hidden treasure

A couple of weeks ago Justin and I and our good friends the Abbotts decided to find a place in Salt Lake City called Gilgal Gardens. This Public park is nestled in Downtown Salt Lake next to a Hostess factory and a neighborhood. Thanks to Wendy Abbott for the photos since I forgot my camera.

There was a sphynx with joseph smiths face, and what looks like the Salt Lake temple on the front.

This is a sculpture of the artist himself. Doesn't look like the most happy man... but he was definitely creative, or a little crazy.

This sculpture had the scripture about Elijah turing the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers.

The Artists wife...

The scripture in Daniel 2 about the rock rolling cut without hands

An archway and the Standard works.

Where we had our picnic dinner.

The angel moroni.

There are over 70 ingraved stones, with quotes, songs, and scriptures.

The gardens had some beautiful flowers, as was very well kept.

 After walking around the garden, we walked around Trolley Square, including Whole Foods and Pottery Barn.
This Whole Foods was HUGE! it was so nice to walk around there and see all of the delicious food and produce. It's to bad that there isn't one closer, and we're not rich or I would shop there all the time.

UP NEXT: Friday the 13th

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A sewing project

Today I decided that I was going to sew something using the beautiful batik fabrics originally intended for a quilt. I have stared at these brightly colored fabric scraps many times an have never had an idea of what to do with them. Today I stared at them once again with absolutely no idea, then while texting my mom I decided...
 To make a place mat, but not just any place mat. A rollable picnic place mat with a silverware pocket. So here is the How-to...

First I started by cutting 6 inch squares of each fabric, and then I sewed together six of the squares to form one side of the place mat.

I also added a felt heart and hand-stitched the edges.

Next I attached the front of the place mat to the back...

On the back of the place mat I stitched a pocket with a place for each piece of silverware.

On one side of the place mat I stitched two equal lengths of ribbon  used to secure the place mat when rolled.

How it looks all rolled up

The finished products, I made two place mats to take on picnics. My favorite is the one pictures on the top, I used all of my favorite pieces of fabric on it. I officially have sewing fever! and am looking for any excuse to pull out my sewing machine.

NEXT UP: Salt Lake adventures with Marty and Wendy Abbott

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Bittersweet day

It was a bittersweet sort of day on thursday… first the bitter
Justin sold his beloved car named Tank, to his step-sister Talena. She was very excited to finally find a car to buy. It was kinda hard to see Tank go to someone else since tank is part of the reason Justin and I started talking. We also have many memories of going to the beach for bonfires and to the Drive-in movie. 
 One of our engagement pictures, Justin and I are sitting atop our respective cars. Named Tank and Roxy, they are almost the same car just one year different. It was always a great conversation starter when people found out that our cars matched.
Before turning over Tank to Talena they checked out all the nooks and crannies in the car. Justin also pointed out all of the cool features in our CRV.

Now for the sweet…
After saying our goodbyes to Tank we headed towards the bountiful temple. On our way we stopped off at Chipotle for some lunch (justin’s favorite!) Once we were full to the brim we set off for the Temple. It was so great being in the temple, we really enjoyed the spirit there. There’s nothing like walking through the temple all dressed in white, while holding hands to remind you how blessed you are.

The view from the temple grounds is goregous! you can see so far here,
 especially since there isn't smog in the air like in California

When we got outside the weather was amazing, and so are all of the brightly colored tulips on the temple grounds. All in all it was a very good day.