Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Bittersweet day

It was a bittersweet sort of day on thursday… first the bitter
Justin sold his beloved car named Tank, to his step-sister Talena. She was very excited to finally find a car to buy. It was kinda hard to see Tank go to someone else since tank is part of the reason Justin and I started talking. We also have many memories of going to the beach for bonfires and to the Drive-in movie. 
 One of our engagement pictures, Justin and I are sitting atop our respective cars. Named Tank and Roxy, they are almost the same car just one year different. It was always a great conversation starter when people found out that our cars matched.
Before turning over Tank to Talena they checked out all the nooks and crannies in the car. Justin also pointed out all of the cool features in our CRV.

Now for the sweet…
After saying our goodbyes to Tank we headed towards the bountiful temple. On our way we stopped off at Chipotle for some lunch (justin’s favorite!) Once we were full to the brim we set off for the Temple. It was so great being in the temple, we really enjoyed the spirit there. There’s nothing like walking through the temple all dressed in white, while holding hands to remind you how blessed you are.

The view from the temple grounds is goregous! you can see so far here,
 especially since there isn't smog in the air like in California

When we got outside the weather was amazing, and so are all of the brightly colored tulips on the temple grounds. All in all it was a very good day.

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