Monday, May 23, 2011

Friday the 13th

On Friday the 13th we decided to go to a Blaze game at Energy Solutions Arena. Justin and I checked the website and so did our friends the Abbotts, but when we got to the arena there was nobody there... Turns out the game was the next day.

So we put smiles on our faces and found something else to do...
Since it was such a nice day outside we decided to go walk around temple square.

The Salt Lake Temple grounds are filled with TONS of brightly colored flowers! Wendy and I had fun taking pictures while the boys talked "guy stuff"

There were so many different kinds and colors of tulips, These striped ones were my favorite by far.

Such a beautiful Building!!!

At the end of walking around the light was amazing! After looking at all of the pretty flowers, we went to the Church History Museum. It was Incredible to remember all of the pioneer sacrifices and how the church grew in its early days. All in all we made what could have been a flop into a very good night.

Up Next: More crafts and a New adventure.

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