Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May showers bring, Flowers!

It's been raining since Sunday here and I found something to bring some spring into my life. I've also been working on things to put in the soon to be Etsy shop I am putting together with my mom and her friend Tisha. This is one of the very simple flower clips I have made so far....
A couple of darling almost no-sew felt roses to wear in your hair, how to's to follow.

First cut a circle out of felt, it's not important that it be perfect I cut it free-hand.
The bigger the circle the bigger the flower becomes

Next cut the circle into a spiral, make sure the strand is at least 1/2 inch thick.

Begin forming the flower by wrapping the strand around the smallest end.
Use a hot glue gun every couple of inches to keep the flower together.

When finished wrapping bring end to the back, but don't secure the last bit of felt yet...

This is what the finished rose looks like, cute by itself but could definitley use something else...

Cut small leaves from green felt and hand stitch around the edges to add some character.

Attach the two leaves to the back of the rose using hot glue.

To finish it off atach a hair clip or barette to the back and secure the end of the rose.

And you finished a darling almost no-sew felt rose.

All you have left to do is enjoy wearing it around!

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