Saturday, May 21, 2011

A hidden treasure

A couple of weeks ago Justin and I and our good friends the Abbotts decided to find a place in Salt Lake City called Gilgal Gardens. This Public park is nestled in Downtown Salt Lake next to a Hostess factory and a neighborhood. Thanks to Wendy Abbott for the photos since I forgot my camera.

There was a sphynx with joseph smiths face, and what looks like the Salt Lake temple on the front.

This is a sculpture of the artist himself. Doesn't look like the most happy man... but he was definitely creative, or a little crazy.

This sculpture had the scripture about Elijah turing the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers.

The Artists wife...

The scripture in Daniel 2 about the rock rolling cut without hands

An archway and the Standard works.

Where we had our picnic dinner.

The angel moroni.

There are over 70 ingraved stones, with quotes, songs, and scriptures.

The gardens had some beautiful flowers, as was very well kept.

 After walking around the garden, we walked around Trolley Square, including Whole Foods and Pottery Barn.
This Whole Foods was HUGE! it was so nice to walk around there and see all of the delicious food and produce. It's to bad that there isn't one closer, and we're not rich or I would shop there all the time.

UP NEXT: Friday the 13th

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