Friday, February 21, 2014

Hitting the Bunny Hill

We haven't had a ton of snow this winter but while we had quite a bit in the backyard we made a baby bunny hill. it was only about 3 feet tops but JJ had fun and it was right in our own backyard!

Here is what happens when JJ goes down the hill and his butt slides down faster than the sled on the hill.

Justin really gets into his sledding...

They had lots of fun throwing snowballs at each other, which consisted of flicking snow since it was all powder.

Justin tried to show JJ how to make a snow angel, JJ was more into the snowballs.

Somehow we convinced JJ to make one too and Daddy walked him through it.

We are trying to be better at taking pictures of both of us with JJ, so up next was my turn.

Apparently the bunny hill is bigger than it looks or I'm just dramatizing for JJ, you pick.

This little munchkin sure does keep us busy but we wouldn't trade it for anything!

Christmas Begins

We went to go pick out a Christmas tree right after a big snow and in freezing cold, it proved to take a lot less time then I'm used to with the tree perfectionist (my mom) we picked up two trees shook off the snow and brought the second one home with us
JJ really liked looking at the tree and did pretty well with touching it.

For the grandparents we decided to go handmade so JJ and I set out to draw some sharpie mugs and bake them. They turned out so cool! now I need some for us!

To celebrate with the Looney family we got together and made all kids of delicious candy and cookies! YUM!

We celebrated Christmas with Kim and Kathy at their place, and even went to their Christmas party to meet Santa. JJ loved playing with the new basketball hoop and even made a great shot!

JJ wasn't too sure about the whole meeting Santa thing, we prepped by meeting Santa at the mall and JJ talked with him but didn't want to sit on his lap. The only reason he was ok with this Santa was the candy prize.

We had our very own Christmas in our house just the boys and I.

JJ wasn't sure what was going on right when he woke up but he got into the swing of thing pretty fast.

Justin and I got each other some great gifts this year! I even got a chop saw, and I cant wait to find a project to break it out! Justin got JJ a set of mini golf clubs (so fun! and dangerous)

I have been trying to make something for JJ so far and I found this tent idea and he ended up loving it, they now use it for hide and seek and even a soccer goal.

can you tell Justin was surprised when he opened his present?

JJ gave GG's gift a big thumbs up!

We really had a great start to our Christmas season, and are so grateful to be in a home of our own!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Best Cousins

Early in December Jolie and Makua Kapahua came to visit and stayed at our house! JJ had lots of fun with another trouble-maker around. What do you get when you put these two boys in the bath  together? a very wet bathroom and lots of smiles.

They enjoyed using our kid table and lots and lots of snacks.

They even read a book with auntie Jo.

Makua loved playing with the giant bugs and being chased by uncle Justin.

We attempted to get a few cute chritmas pictures of the two boys but man do they move a lot!

JJ loved having auntie Jo Jo here to read him books, and play on the tablet.
Even papa came over to join in the fun. These two boys love their papa.

A toy box is a great place to coral small kids especially when its filled with stuffed animals (they jumped in on their own and wanted the lid on.)

On one of their last days in town we went up to Park City to play in the snow. The boys enjoyed sledding behind papa's four wheeler.

Then makua changed his mind and wanted to throw snowballs... the only catch was I was the only one he wanted to throw them at!

We had lots of fun watching the boys play and cant wait till they can play together again.