Friday, February 21, 2014

Hitting the Bunny Hill

We haven't had a ton of snow this winter but while we had quite a bit in the backyard we made a baby bunny hill. it was only about 3 feet tops but JJ had fun and it was right in our own backyard!

Here is what happens when JJ goes down the hill and his butt slides down faster than the sled on the hill.

Justin really gets into his sledding...

They had lots of fun throwing snowballs at each other, which consisted of flicking snow since it was all powder.

Justin tried to show JJ how to make a snow angel, JJ was more into the snowballs.

Somehow we convinced JJ to make one too and Daddy walked him through it.

We are trying to be better at taking pictures of both of us with JJ, so up next was my turn.

Apparently the bunny hill is bigger than it looks or I'm just dramatizing for JJ, you pick.

This little munchkin sure does keep us busy but we wouldn't trade it for anything!

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