Thursday, February 20, 2014

Best Cousins

Early in December Jolie and Makua Kapahua came to visit and stayed at our house! JJ had lots of fun with another trouble-maker around. What do you get when you put these two boys in the bath  together? a very wet bathroom and lots of smiles.

They enjoyed using our kid table and lots and lots of snacks.

They even read a book with auntie Jo.

Makua loved playing with the giant bugs and being chased by uncle Justin.

We attempted to get a few cute chritmas pictures of the two boys but man do they move a lot!

JJ loved having auntie Jo Jo here to read him books, and play on the tablet.
Even papa came over to join in the fun. These two boys love their papa.

A toy box is a great place to coral small kids especially when its filled with stuffed animals (they jumped in on their own and wanted the lid on.)

On one of their last days in town we went up to Park City to play in the snow. The boys enjoyed sledding behind papa's four wheeler.

Then makua changed his mind and wanted to throw snowballs... the only catch was I was the only one he wanted to throw them at!

We had lots of fun watching the boys play and cant wait till they can play together again.

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