Tuesday, January 7, 2014

November in a Flash

These last few months have gone by so fast! I've barely had time to document our adventures. In hopes of texting caught up here is November highlights. The leaves we're so pretty this year! 

In November I finished a pretty big chapter of our lives here in Utah. I started at Sonny Bryan's shortly after we moved to Utah (the second time, September 2011) as a cashier in the Sandy store. From there I helped out at one on Foothill boulevard, then moved to the West Valley store after having JJ. When West Valley closed I moved on to the new Midvale store and was promoted to a shift manager. When Midvale closed I made the switch to the new Downtown location. As you can tell it's been quite the ride with Sonny Bryan's and I've learned a lot and grown more confident as a leader. I am going to miss the people I've met along the way, and of course the onion rings! 

Sometimes you just gotta play IN your toys...

For a family night one day we went to Scheels and looked around. Justin discovered a putting green and tried to teach JJ how to golf. 

Look at these two handsome guys enjoying the great out(IN)doors 

While living with my Aunt and Uncle JJ became VERY attached to Sue and loves to play and snuggle with her. 

On our pass of all passes this year we got to go to a Grizzlies hockey game. JJ had a lot of fun watching the "ball" 

Not bad seats for a free game! 

My little King Kong... 

To celebrate our Birthdays Leonard and I went out for lunch at Moochies! We had the Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and they were great! I honestly didn't look very far into the menu but if you have a chance to go, do it! 

We even set up a Christmas tree (we did it way too early because Leonard was having surgery on his shoulder and wasn't going to be much help putting it up later on. 

JJ had lots of fun "helping" 

We also got the keys to our first house! 

This kid is about as goofy as they get! And we're having lots of fun with it! 

Right before we moved out of sue and Leonard's house, I wanted to be sure they wouldn't get lonely in a quiet house... So I made them some new friends inside the fridge :) 

This was way too much fun! And they got a kick out of it! 

For my Birthday this year I really just wanted to postpone and wait until we moved and all the craziness was over but  Justin said "no." Everyone made my birthday super special and fun. I got a super awesome package from Joycelynn  (and my brother too) with lots of awesome goodies inside! 

My Grandma (Looney) sent me some awesome cookbooks which I'm totally hooked on now! 

Thanks to some great babysitters (sue&leonard) Justin and I went to David's kitchen for an awesome Chinese dinner! My favorite of course! 

Then we went to the Movie theatre for our movie and realized we had some time to kill, so we spent some time in the arcade. 

It was an awesome date! And a very very great birthday! 

The next day we moved into our house! JJ had more fun with the empty boxes than the full ones. 

And discovering toys he hasn't seen in a while. 

I picked some flowers from our front yard, we have a couple rose bushes! 

I took too long getting his dinner... 

Now that we're back in Layton we get to go to our awesome Chinese restaurant again! It doesn't look like much from the outside but they make everything fresh inside! 

Chinese food is the way to my heart... And these two boys! 

JJ certainly misses all the attention and is slowly getting used to playing alone. 

For thanksgiving we traveled up to Justin's dads house, and I made a pumpkin cheesecake (delicious!) 

JJ and Justin got to play some fooseball after the turkey. 

November was good to us and so is our new place! 

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