Saturday, April 30, 2011

Picnics 101

This past Thursday (our "saturday" since he works saturday) Justin and I took advantage of the 60+ weather and had a picnic in the park near our house. It totally made us miss our Ultimate frisbee days back in California, so we threw the frisbee around even though it was windy. Here is our guide to a great picnic...
First: find a good spot, one with a view is always nice.

Second: make sure you have the essentials, lunch, a frisbee, comfy blanket,
tennis shoes in case you want to play, and a buddy to share it all with.

Third: sprawl out and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

Fourth: Become "One" with nature

Fifth: Take a nap... I wasn't that tired.
Sixth: Cuddle up with your buddy

Seventh: Have fun with your camera!

number 7 continued...

Eighth: Take time to look up, you just mind mind something interesting.
(this is not photoshopped, there was a ring around the sun)

Well we hope you find this guide helpful, I know we enjoyed our picnic. We can't wait for the weather to be warm more often, picnics are one of our favorite kind of date. Of course feel free to add your own spin to it, but most of all remember to have fun and enjoy the sun!

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