Monday, June 24, 2013

The Hollands Visit

A little while ago our friends the Hollands came to visit Utah before heading to a family reunion. They were able to stay with us so we got lots more time with them then we usually do! We spent lots of time outside enjoying the sun and the backyard.
 Molly had a ton of fun swinging with her mom.
This is Kenasen, and she is one of the Happiest babies I've ever met! and adorable too!

Molly just loves her baby sister Kenasen.

We also played on the trampoline (Molly's favorite place to play EVER!)
Isn't she so cute! and funny too!

JJ is quite the heart breaker, here he is kissing Kenasen.

Although I don't have very many pictures of our adventures together we had lots of fun! Parties in the backyard, trips to Sweets candy factory, late night card games and sweet treats! We are so glad they made time to visit with us while they were here in Utah and can't wait to see them in California again soon!

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