Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Justin!

I'm grateful for the birthdays I've been able to enjoy with you these last 4 years. Looking on facebook I found this picture from one of the first parties I went to in California. Here are Justin and I right next to each other, I think we even talked  that night. But I didn't see his good looks and charm until a few months later :)
I am so grateful that he chased me down until I said yes to our first date! and We've stuck together ever since, and we have an eternity to look forward too!
Now our life adventure has brought us to Utah, and we are loving it here.
Just a few facts about Justin:
He loves the Lakers, Angels, USC, and anyone on his fantasy baseball team.
He loves to go on adventures, play sports and be goofy.
His secret addictions are chips and salsa, and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.
He is wonderful at writing stories and poems
and He loves to play!
It's so wonderful to see Justin and JJ playing together and am grateful for the dad he has become.
Thank you for being you and inspiring me to be the best I can and I hope JJ grows up to be just like you!!!
Hope you have another wonderful birthday my love!

(These posts are out of order... Real salt lake was in may but I just had to sneak in a happy birthday!)

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