Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Real Salt Lake

Thanks to the pass of all passes we bought we have been able to go to more games than we would normally. Back in April we went to a Real Salt Lake (reserve squad) game. It was a gorgeous day out although it was pretty windy.
As soon as we sat down in our seats JJ pointed and said "ball!" and then he clapped, this kid is seriously cute!

Justin is having so much fun telling JJ all about sports and is teaching him how to play in the backyard.
Such a goofy dad! (he's trying to hold JJ's two fingers up)

The stadium is very nice and open although I can't imagine it being nice when its cold.

JJ has so much fun pulling on Justin's sweatshirt strings and goofing off with his daddy.

Watching the game was fun although it got pretty cold and very windy!

Hopefully we get the chance to cheer on Real Salt Lake at another day, with a little more sunshine!


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