Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Outdoor Loving

As soon as the weather warmed all we wanted to do was be outside! Between getting the yard ready, planting, and keeping the kids busy we spend lots of time with our feet in the grass. JJ has discovered all of the fun things to do out there.
JJ likes riding in the cozy coup, since he can "drive" it himself.

Crazy William Godfrey, JJ's best buddy. The Godfrey's are my "cousins" (grand kids of the great aunt and uncle we live with) moved back from Ohio and come over to visit often.

Jake and CJ Godfrey playing soccer.

Anna Godfrey who sometimes is too shy to say hi to me, but sometimes you get a smile.

Justin, JJ and I spending some family time out on the swing set.

Sue and Leonard have two fountains in their backyard and JJ has made them into his own personal water park. When they turned on the fountains JJ climbed right in!

After soaking his clothes I decided it was time to change into his swimsuit to play in the water, although he took some time to smell the flowers first.

JJ's first time in the kiddie pool, he really liked it although it was pretty cold.

Look at that cute little body!

We have also enjoyed eating dinner outside under the pergola. Our first outside dinner was corn chowder, biscuits, and AMAZING homemade strawberry jam (which I helped make)

Instead of hauling JJ's high chair outside we hook his swing to the pergola and use it as a high chair.

Sue and Leonard enjoying the outdoors.

In the Awesome backyard that Sue and Leonard have there is a sandbox.

I was getting a little artsy taking pictures while the kids played.

Our lilacs were in full bloom and made the yard smell amazing.

And our Strawberry patch started blooming, I can't wait till we have strawberries to eat!

One of our favorite parts of the summer is our lunch picnics, so we can see Justin in the middle of the day. One of our most visited places is Decker Lake, a little oasis right here in Salt Lake City.

This was JJ's first time at Decker Lake since he can walk and crawl and he couldn't wait to explore.

Justin tried to cuddle with his little man.

Justin loves to swing and play in the backyard with JJ, and probably can't wait till he has a few more little ones to make his own baseball team in the backyard.

We really have been enjoying our time outside and can't wait for it to be warm enough to go to the water park with the little man!

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