Saturday, May 18, 2013

March Madness: Easter Party

Every year the weekend before Easter Sue and Leonard Looney (our landlords and my great aunt & uncle) host a party! This year they had their hands full since not only did their kids and grand kids come but my family crashed the party as well! It was SO much fun and totally CRAZY at the same time!
That morning the high priests were in charge of cooking for the ward Easter breakfast and the young women were in charge of serving.  Leonard, My Dad and I slaved away in the kitchen making pancakes, eggs, and ham for lots of hungry people. (you probably figured out I'm not a high priest... but Justin is. I took Justin's place in the kitchen and he was in charge of the little one.) Since then my pancake flipping abilities have increased dramatically! After breakfast Justin, Brent Irving, and some of the other guys played a game of basketball at the church building to work off all of those pancakes!
 While we were getting set up in the backyard (for the party later that day) the boys decided to play a game of  3 flags up in the street.

People say Justin can jump but he always jumps higher when there's something to chase.

In the backyard we were getting everything ready. Including an Easter themed bean bag toss. That William and Anna Godfrey painted (with a little help of course)

By dinner time everything was ready including our spread and everyone gathered around the table for a prayer before digging in.

The boys ate together under the pergola

Most of the kids ate their dinner on a blanket since the weather was so nice.

For a fun Easter dessert we made carrots! We baked cupcakes in sugar cones then dipped them in orange chocolate. After topping them with frosting, some fruit roll up grass and crushed oreos for dirt they were ready to eat!

Next on the agenda was Easter egg dying. 

They also experimented dying the eggs with a mix of shaving cream and food color, which turned out really cool!

Our first game of the night was the egg relay race (a hard boiled egg on spoon)

One of my favorite parts of the yearly Easter party is the egg pinata, what an awesome idea!!!
The kids each got a good whack at it before it gave up some candy. from top left... Ben Irving
Spencer & Brian Croft, Braeden Croft, Sydney Irving.

Next was the great Easter Egg Hunt! All of us "Big kids" got to hide the eggs while the little ones were corralled in the front yard. Brian got really into hiding the eggs in hard places. Each kid had their own kind of egg to find. The little car eggs were JJ's eggs this year.
Since we were so good at hiding the eggs we had to give some of the kids hints on where their
 eggs were hidden.
Daddy and JJ had some fun testing hang time.

Then we embarked on our first Egg hunt. JJ wanted to find any egg he could and loved putting them in the bucket.
JJ finally got the hang of finding the eggs and even carried his bucket around.

All of the parents "helping" their kids open their eggs and skimming some candy off the top.

The next morning JJ found his first Easter basket! filled with some bath crayons, markers, new socks, goldfish, bubbles, a ball, and a few chocolate chips :)
Sydney helped JJ open his eggs and discover the chocolate chips.

It was AWESOME having everyone here to celebrate Easter together!!!
I am so grateful that everyone spent their spring breaks with us and spent time spoiling JJ (and us a little)

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