Friday, May 3, 2013

March Madness: Surprises, Parties and Legos

The Irvings and the Looneys came to visit and overlapped my family for a few days. The Surprise was that The Irving kids had no idea they would get to see my brothers while they were in Utah. Earlier that day my brothers and dad went skiing and returned to the house right as the Irvings pulled up. We had quite the family reunion on the front lawn!
This one practically attacked me when she saw me!

The boys were so excited once Justin got home and rarely left his side.

That night for dinner we went out to Bucca di Beppo and got to sit at the pope table.

The next day we traveled up to the Kimball Arts Center in Park City to see the Lego exhibit. My little brothers along with the Irving boys have loved legos at one time or another.

this was my favorite piece of art at the exhibit.

It was crazy to see the amount of detail in the pieces as well as how "round" and life-like they were.

Just outside the Arts Center was a piano meant to be played by anyone. I sat down and tried to play but it has been quite some time since I practiced and I didn't remember very much.

Sydney helped teach JJ to play.

After the Arts center we walked main street Park City, stopping at some shops for souvenirs along the way. The boys took some time to chill on a bench in between shops.

JJ decided that he was going to walk this week too! although he was still clumsy and fell often he walked a lot more than before.

For dinner we ordered pizza and ate in the backyard

It was such a nice day out!

Then Jill made here awesome cream cheese frosting for JJ's birthday cake and then let him test it.

GG and Jill loved being there while JJ tried something new!

This is what JJ's second birthday cake looked like, keeping the sprinkle theme going.

The Godfrey Family came over to celebrate with us.
JJ's first present was a handmade swing for our swing set! JJ loves it!

then he found the pile of presents and basked in the wrapped goodness before figuring out that there were things inside them.

JJ got a ride on car from GG which he loves pushing around the house.

Daddy got him an awesome Angels hat!

Next was CAKE!!!
It took a little convincing to make him take a bite but after that he took right to it.

JJ wanted to talk to Joycelyn (one of his crushes) on facetime so she could be there when we smashed his cake.

Joycelyn was the only one that got him to smile! these are some screenshots that Joycelyn took while talking to JJ.


After that much chocolate cake and frosting he definitely needed a bath!

We had a very fun birthday for JJ and are so grateful that so many people were able to come celebrate with us at both parties! Thank you for making his first birthday one to remember!


  1. I love being able to see Jill and kids on your blog...miss them :( JJ is so stinkin' adorable and looks great as an Angel by the way...but Chicago teams are more fun :)