Tuesday, May 21, 2013

March Madness: Dinos, Bees and Planets... OH MY!

After my family left we had one more week full of fun left before everything settled down. Our last crazy week involved the Irvings (my aunt & uncle and their 3 kids) and the Looney's (my grandparents on my moms side) The weather was pretty nice so we decided to take a stroll to temple square to see the flowers and stop by City Creek.
While they were here Sydney and I discovered we had matching outfits, TWINS!
We also took time to meet up with Justin for lunch so he wouldn't miss out on all the fun. The kids loved looking at JJ's new ABC book too! (more pictures to come)

On opening night for the Salt Lake Bees we decided to cheer them on! It is so much fun to watch them play since lots of the guys have played on the angels or still do!

Jill, Sydney, JJ and I enjoying our awesome seats!

The boys loved being at the game, especially Wil and Justin! JJ really likes watching baseball just like his daddy. Ben is quite the cotton candy lover! that kid could finish the whole bag in the blink of an eye.
This was our first Bees game of the season and will certainly not be the last!

 Another of our outings was to the Natural History Museum to visit with the Dinosaurs!

JJ really liked looking at all of the skeletons and dinosaurs, there was also an exhibit about hearing which was interactive and fun for all of us!

We also made our way to the Clark Planetarium, Ben was in heaven here! somehow we came on a day there were extra exhibits, two of our favorites were the lizard and the owl. Sydney loved the owl, and will probably ask for a pet one in the near future :) Sydney, Ben, Wil, and JJ even spent some time on Mars and the Moon!

Being at the planetarium reminded me of the last time we went with my family and little brothers. Here is a side by side comparison of JJ in August 2012 (5months) and in April 2013(1year) it's crazy how time flies!

That about sums up March Madness here at our house, It has been the busiest month here but we wouldn't trade it for the world! Thanks to everyone who took time to come visit, spoil JJ, and play with us! We miss you tons and are looking forward to our next adventures with you soon!!!!


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