Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Day With The Fishes

Justin and I had a free day together and decided that we should go on a family outing. Although we've lived in Utah a little while now we haven't seen all there is to see in our own backyard. The Aquarium is in Sandy and isn't huge, but was totally worth the time! We also can't wait for the new bigger aquarium to open this December!
Justin and JJ checking out some giant shark teeth!
JJ loved the aquariums that were at his height, since he could walk up to them and touch the glass.

Justin is becoming quite the photographer and knows that if he doesn't take pictures of Me with JJ, I will always be stuck behind the lens. I'm grateful he is learning a new skill to document our adventures with JJ.

JJ is just a little taller then one of the penguins (I really wish I would have written down the names of all of the animals to put on here...)

Frogs and Salamanders
Although it's called an aquarium there are some creepy-crawly-slimy things there too, like this tarantula.



One of my favorite exhibits was the seahorses. Ever since Justin caught a seahorse on our honeymoon I love looking at them!

This little one was my favorite! it was so small! (probably the size of your thumb nail all curled up)

This Lobster was the size of JJ! (all Justin was thinking about was how hungry he was)


This one is my favorite picture of the day, the lighting just worked out so well and my two favorite men are in it!

I have so much fun discovering new things with my boys, and I can't wait till the new bigger Aquarium opens!

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