Monday, April 22, 2013

March Madness: Croft Family Pictures

Since JJ's one year pictures turned out so well my family decided that we should get pictures done too! we went to Foto Fly (seriously awesome place!) if you live in Utah check out their website HERE
We got so many compliments on how our outfits coordinated together! we even did it across a few states, yeah we rock!

These pictures of all of us standing are some of my favorites.

All of the boys together, with their GQ faces.
Then we decided we should do a picture of all of us kids... and then somebody had the brilliant (note the sarcasm) idea to toss me in the boys arms, trust them not to drop me, all while trying to get a natural looking smile...

After a few pictures and a mini freak-out we all looked a little more comfortable, although I was very grateful to have my feet back on the ground.
Our Photographer also got a wonderful picture of my Mom and I.

One of my parents together, aren't they too cute!

And last but not least, One of the very proud grandparents!

It was so much fun having my family here and I can't wait till we're back together again!

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