Thursday, April 4, 2013

March Madness: Cake Smash #1

On Jj's Birthday Justin's mom Laurie-Ann came into town and we had a birthday party with Justin's side of the family. This is the picture I sent out for party invitations, On the invitations it said "mom makes it, I smash it" in a quote bubble and of course the date and time of the party.
10 minutes before the party was to start I was trying to frost a cake, clean the kitchen, keep and eye on the munchkin and of course he decided he wanted to help me... by emptying all the cabinets he could open, While Justin and his mom picked up dinner.
Luckily my hard work paid off and we ended up with a darling little cake COVERED in sprinkles! The inside of the cake is blue and white swirl with homemade buttercream frosting
For the decorations I wanted something simple but still cute enough for me to look at in pictures forever. I made the number one out of our favorite pictures from JJ's first year.

 JJ didn't quite get the hang of opening presents although he liked the tissue paper in the bags.


Our little man in his cool new shades from Memere.

After all the paper was shredded we moved on to the best part! CAKE!
He was pretty timid at first, poking it and looking at the sprinkles on his fingers.
When I got tired of waiting I grabbed a fork and gave him a bite and he warmed up to it. After cutting a slice he dug in without the fork, Getting sprinkles and blue cake everywhere.
It's quite hard to get a closeup of JJ without him wanting to touch the camera lens with his sticky little fingers.

We also took some time to Skype with my family in Minnesota, thank heaven for technology that helps us feel like we're right there with them!!!

After cake he needed a bath and I wasn't about to let my clean white shirt get dirty!
While taking his baths he likes to stick his face in the water, and sometimes even blows bubbles. What a goofy little kid.
Thanks to everyone for spoiling our little man! and for helping us eat all of the cupcakes!


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