Friday, April 19, 2013

March Madness: Croft Crazy

My family came to visit Utah and celebrate JJ's birthday, Its so nice spring break coincides with his birthday, and the birthdays of my Mom, Dad, Brian and Spencer.
 Our first night together we went out to Yi Sushi Bistro for some Chinese food and sushi. Grandpa had to teach jj the proper way to be a samurai with chopsticks.
Spencer took these pictures and added the hilarious captions too!

We also taught JJ how to eat with his chopsticks! He loves eating noodles, kung pao chicken, and edamame is his favorite!
After dinner we went home and relaxed after their very long drive!
 Jj was VERY happy to see everyone but tired too.
Giving Grandpa a "foot-five"

Grandma loved getting her snuggle time in while JJ drinks his bottle.

Spencer tried to see how any nerf darts he could stick to the ceiling at the same time... Braeden tried to shoot them down.

JJ wanted to get in the nerf wars too!
These two had so much fun playing together!

I couldn't wait till my moms birthday to pass out every ones presents, I was way too excited! For my mom I hand painted some tea towels with homemade stamps and JJ's footprints.

For my dad I made infused olive oil (ginger and chili lime) the ginger one is my favorite!

For Spencer I made him a shirt, about skiing of course! it says "Cross my skis and hope to fly" it turned out awesome, and he loved it!

JJ enjoyed helping Brian with his present, a chocolate bar (the same kind I used to bribe him with as a kid) and a chipotle gift card.

Grandpa had lots of fun teaching JJ how to work the jumping bunnies.

Grandpa getting his cuddle time in too.

Grandpa was trying to teach JJ to spin a basketball on his finger.

JJ loved having so many people to read to him.
One of  the stops on our culinary tour of Utah was In-n-out since there isn't one close to Minnesota.

The boys took some time and played Pac-Man at the arcade.

His uncles loved playing with the nerf guns and sticking the "bullets" to JJ's forehead.

One of the sweetest food destinations was Kneaders to celebrate my moms birthday. Since it was morning I was forbidden to take a picture of the birthday girl, here is JJ with whipped cream on his face.

We also gave JJ his very first ice cream cone, he wasn't a fan of the cold ice cream but LOVED the cone.

JJ and his Uncle Spencer!

Here is just a little bit of what we did with my family before the real craziness began...
3 nights, 2 parties, 17 people, 1 roof!

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