Friday, June 28, 2013

A Ball Fight

After our Zoo adventure Justin's mom offered to watch the two boys so that the Kapahuas, Justin and I could go out to dinner and then see the new Star Trek movie. We hurried and ate our delicious pizza and then dashed across the street to the theatre. We really enjoyed the movie even though none of us are die hard trekkies.
After dinner we came home to two happy boys and a worn out and happy Memere. Then we went outside and played on the trampoline with the balls from the ball pit.

JJ had tons of fun throwing the balls, and slid on them all the time.

Maukua liked sliding around on top of the balls.

I think Justin enjoyed this just as much as the little boys did.

After a little while everyone joined in on the fun in the trampoline, Justin got hit (where it hurts) by one of the little boys and went down... and we had a ball throwing contest.
David had fun throwing the balls, and Makua enjoyed being hit.


Look at that kid! this is by far my favorite picture of their trip... what goofy kids we have!

Memere and her two boys!

we also stuffed balls down the boys shirts... and then we got a little silly and most everyone was dying in laughter!
JJ playing catch with uncle David.

don't they look like they love each other? its quite a brutal friendship but we hope that they will be good friends throughout their lives.

After a very full and fun day Memere got to squish JJ while he drank his bottle.

Having the Kapahuas and Memere come to visit was SO MUCH FUN! we can't wait till august when we will be able to visit California again!

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