Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Three Moms

So in my family we're pretty close and everyone watches out for each other. When I moved to California after high school, I lived with my grandma and we joked she was my second mom. Then my Aunt Jill stepped up and filled the third Mom spot. Now I have three Moms.  In October my Mom and Grandma were going to come out to get their JJ fix but decided it wasn't fair to leave Jill out, so she came! 

 Driving home from the airport my mom and I found a slide on the side of the road, and JJ loved it! 

We went to Hobby Lobby and looked at all of the decor there and I found this sign  that perfectly described this weekend! 

My mom and I got supplies to start a new art project! An ABC wall for Jj's room! 

JJ loved having grandma read him books! 

Grandma even instigated a sword fight in Hobby Lobby, what a great grandma. 

Then Jill and GG arrived, and this kid was LOVING all the attention! 

We went to the mall and spent WAY too long in crate and barrel, but I decided JJ might like to ride on my shoulders since he loves to with Justin. He enjoyed it especially being able to mess up my hair. 

He's becoming more of a cuddler latley and warms up to most everyone pretty fast. 

We went to go visit our new house so everyone could see it! Even Ed and Laurieann met us there. After our home tour we went to Red Lobster, since Justin hasn't eaten lobster since our honeymoon. The boys looked at all of the lobster and started drooling... 

Justin was so excited, he cleared his plate and ours too! 

The next day we did lots of shopping and JJ fell asleep in the car but wouldn't sleep in the stroller, he insisted on sleeping on me. 

I wanted JJ's attention so he could show off his cute Wild jersey... He told me to talk to the hand... 

This kid definitley looked like a hockey player with that curly mop of hair and his jersey! 

He definitley needed a haircut! And since I'm not that pro at it my mom decided to do it. He did really well and the finished product was adorable! 

 JJ and GG sitting watching tv together, he looks so much older with his new haircut.

As sad as we were to see them go I think everyone involved was excited to sleep, we stayed up way too late at night, ate lots of chocolate and pinned like crazy! 

JJ didn't want to miss a moment of them  being here so he stayed awake the whole drive to the airport he stayed awake, and then after he stopped crying about them leaving he crashed. Hard. 

It was so much fun to have them all here! I can't wait to do it again! 

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