Monday, December 2, 2013

Memere and Grandpa visit

At the beginning of October we got to have laurie-ann out to Utah and then later on in the month Ed and Laurie-ann both came out to visit. JJ got lots of snuggle time with his Memere.
And he even started giving hugs, you gotta catch him in the right mood or it's not happening though.

What a cute kid, he loves trying on sunglasses!

Memere loved getting to spoil JJ.

We went to the bookstore to pick up a few things and all this kid wanted to do was play with the legos, although he is getting more into books lately.

JJ discovered how fun Nerf guns are to shoot.


We went to go look at houses while Laurie-ann was here. This was the first house we made an offer on, we didn't get it as you can tell (more on that process later)

Memere also got JJ a new dog stuffed animal and loved it right away.

It took JJ a while to warm up to Ed although once he did he really liked hanging out with him.

They liked playing with the castle and balls of course.

He even tried lucky charms for the first time, he's a marshmallow eater... I'm the kind of person that has to eat both to enjoy it.

For our Anniversary we got to go out on a date and JJ got some quality time with his Memere and Grandpa.

For our date we went to the temple and then out to dinner.

We had California pizza kitchen since some of our favorite food is pizza.

Memere even taught JJ how to shoot Nerf guns, they used Grandpa as a target.

and then he switched to shooting me.

JJ had so much fun while they were here and he can't wait for them to visit again.

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