Thursday, November 28, 2013

Live from Layton!

Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging program to show you our very first house!  

So are finally all moved in with the exception of a few stray boxes here an there. 

The day we decided to move we got our Uhaul and it was raining a little bit in Midvale but wasn't that bad. Then we loaded up the stuff from our place and then the boys went off to unload the storage unit. By the time we had loaded up and started on our way up to Layton the weather got worse and worse... When we got to Layton there was snow covering the ground and it was still coming down. 

This next part I'm sure we'll laugh about later but not quite yet... When we got to the house it was 50 degrees inside not super cold but not ideal. Then we tried to turn the furnace on and realized our gas had been turned off and there was a lock on our meter (fabulous start to home-ownership, since we had no idea what to do) Since it was Saturday no one from the gas company would help us, and we would have to wait till Monday... No hot showers and a cold house till Monday. So we bought another space heater, and had one in each room to keep us warm at night and bundled up in the rest of the house. On Sunday the weather warmed up and helped the house get warmer too. On Monday we finally got our gas on and had hot showers! We almost had our water turned off right as I was leaving the house to put it in our name, luckily they took pity on us and left it on. 

Now that the house is warm it is wonderful! Here is a little tour of our house. Keep in mind we are still getting settled and haven't painted anything the way we want it yet (I've got big plans!) This is what you see as you walk in the door, stairs up, stairs down, and our living room to the right. 

Our living room is great sized and fits all of our furniture. 

I've got some pictures hung which always helps make it feel like your own place. 

Our dining room sort of overlooks the living room. It is quite a big room and our dining table looks pretty small there. The red isn't my favorite but it's ok for now. 

Our garage door opens to our dining room, which is nice since there are wood floors. 

This is our kitchen, I like that's its open to the dining room. I really like the wood cabinets too, although I think they'd pair better with a blue-r wall color. 

From the other side of the kitchen, you can see the hall bathroom. The hall bath is the biggest in the house, tons of storage and space. 

JJ will take his baths here and I'm sure we will use this more than the other bathrooms. 

A little further down the hall is Jj's room. 

I am loving the big closet and all the organizing space! 

Right across from his room is the master bedroom, it is so nice to have our own space. Can I just paint already? 

We have an awesome walk in closet which is bigger than we've ever had before. 

We even have our own bathroom! 

Downstairs is pretty much a catch all right now until we get organized. 

We have an awesome built in bookcase and finally a place big enough for a lovesac. At the bottom of the bookcase there are two hobbit doors...

Right next to the main living room downstairs there is a cubicle, or my craft room :) yay! 

We have a washer and dryer attached to our bathroom down here. 

One of the bedrooms downstairs will be an office for Justin and I. 

The other bedroom will be a guest room for a while. 

This little space is under the stairs is a play area for right now but might be storage later.

This is what is through the hobbit doors in the living room. 

And how could I forget our sweet backyard! 

We have tons of room for baseball and soccer! 

We had lots of leaves to rake up and play in! 

We don't have Internet quite yet (another awesome adventure...) but when we do I hope to bombard you with more pictures than you can handle! 

Happy Thanksgiving, hope you spend time with those you love! 

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