Monday, November 4, 2013

Berry Cool and the Newlyweds

Before heading off to celebrate the newlyweds we spent some time with the Irvings. Brent decided it was tree trimming time and had WAY too much fun with the chainsaw! 

For a treat we went to Berry Cool, one of our favorite traditions! I used to go with the Irving's right after school even before I met Justin! At Berry Cool you serve your own frozen yogurt and toppings. 

Jill modeling her Berry Cool. 

One of my favorite combinations (if I don't want to feel healthy) is cheesecake and chocolate yogurt with cheesecake bites, with caramel and chocolate sauce! So delicious! 

These boys have a blast together every time! It's probably because they're all super goofy.

And I was so glad to spend time with an awesome aunt and best "sister" 

JJ even got some one on one time with GG. He got to sit on the counter and she played "this little piggy" 

Our next stop of the day was the reception for Becky and Charlie. We were so glad to see so many of our friends and family there too! 

Justin enjoyed holding the Gallaghers little boy Jayce. Justin is totally baby hungry ;) 

We got to see the Christensens and their adorable little boys. 

JJ looked so cute in the bow tie, I may think about getting a few more! 

They had a candy bar at the reception, so yummy and such a fun treat! 

Brenden and Elise Gallagher weren't too fond of my flash. 

Bruce Kennison had a ton of fun goofing off with JJ. 

We were so glad to see the Hollands so much this trip. Janae and Kenasen are in front with Taylor and Molly in the back, Marinda Kennison is back there too! 

Once the party got going I caught Ed and Laurie-Ann doing the Macarena. 

When the music got loud we corralled all the kids in the back and played around. Jolie and Justin always have fun with the boys together. 

JJ had just learned to blow kisses, and was giving them out very generously! 

Justin and JJ did the dollar dance with Becky/ Aunt B 

Look at their cute cake! This is the cake they cut into, a red velvet cake that looked like Ben and Jerry's ice cream! 

The cake to share was made of cake pops. 

The garter, after Charlie retrieved it he put it on a football and threw it! 

To finish the celebration they had a sparkler send off, it looked so cool!!! 

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Pousima! Hope you have many wonderful years ahead of you! 

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