Monday, November 4, 2013

Rain, Wind, and a Wedding

This is the story of two people named Tawni and Travis who had a lot try to come between them and the altar. I'll give you the short version... Fire, evacuation, rescue the dress, get some decorations, change the venue, rain in the forecast... and this is where we start.
 Their second venue was across the lake on the beach at Rockport Lake. Travis' mom made this awesome monogram for their wedding, which now sits in their home.
this is the pavilion where we scrambled for shelter while the wind and rain raged outside.

the decorations were coming together at it was looking wonderful, until we wondered if we could last in this weather...

The flowers were just darling, and completed the whole country wedding theme.


Justin's brother Mike even came up for a visit!

The rain started to hit harder and the temperature dropped more, JJ and I decided the car was the best place for us to stay.

The bride arrived and made a made dash for cover.

Tawni consulted with Kim and her grandpa about what to do since the weather was not cooperating.

Tawni and Travis decided that the wedding was going to happen and they didn't care where, and they snuck in one last kiss as single people.

So we gathered together the decorations and all the people and made the drive to the other side of the lake to where the old white church stands.

Once we unloaded and took our seats the place started to look wonderful!

and then... finally... Tawni and Travis said "I Do!"
...and the PARTY BEGAN!

They danced for the first time as Mr. & Mrs.
Tawni danced with her Papa
Kim took Tawni for a spin

I just couldn't leave this picture out, I love that Travis is busting up laughing.

Tawni danced with her new father in law.

Next it was Travis' turn to dance, first with his Mom.

Next he danced with Kathy. Kathy is SO excited these two are finally married and the planning is over!

They had a darling lemonade bar, isn't the Love is Sweet banner awesome? Travis' mom made it!

The cupcakes were delicious! and adorable too!

Kathy and her sister Shannon

The guestbook was a photobook that Kathy put together, Our cousins Tiffany and Jenni took time to sign after eating dinner.

Shannon and her Husband dance together.

isn't this sweet? this is one of my favorite pictures of the night!

This is the outside of the Old white church, we were so glad to finally find a shelter and get to the PARTY!

The dancing really got going

This was Tawni's bouquet, it matched so well with her teal cowboy boots and decorations.

As you can tell Talena and Michaela really got into dancing.

they even tried to teach JJ how to dance.

Eventually the sky cleared up, the rain stopped and the wind died down. The night was beautiful.

JJ and Kayden played in the field outside while the party raged on.

Best friends together again.

Tawni with her grandma and papa.

Their rings are so pretty I had to get a shot of them, (left to right) Kathy, Tawni and Donna.

I wanted to make sure we got a good shot of the awesome cowboy boots that inspired the whole wedding décor, and it just so happens that Tawni has legs for days.

Last but not least they had to do the cheesy cupcake eating, that started out nice and got out of hand really fast. Travis was the first to shove cake, right in Tawni's eye.

Then Talena decided that it was only fair to shove a cupcake in his face. The lovely Mr. and Mrs. Mann finished their reception with very SWEET faces.

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