Thursday, November 7, 2013

August Family Time

After all the weddings and trips in August things settled down and we spent lots of time together as a family.
I am trying to be a more fun mom, and that includes letting JJ squish and play in the sandbox even though its muddy and messy.
Justin taught JJ to use the hose, and he loves to squirt you!

We finally took advantage of the school playground in our neighborhood for a night of wearing the kid out fun.

The weather was warm, the light perfect, and this little boy was happy!

Justin wanted to be king of the playground.

It wasn't just JJ that had fun at the park...

Once JJ discovered the slides there was no turning back, he loved them ! 

He went down the slide over and over again till he wore himself out. 

I got this picture by shooting through the holes in the stairs. 

I went to Ikea (I go every chance I get! ) and saw this succulent. When I saw the colors I knew it would be the scheme for our new place. We hasn't even started looking for houses and I was already planning! 

JJ had his first ever kids meal at Ikea, and ate all of it! 

The farmers Market was in full swing, it is my favorite thing about the summer! My market favorites are corn, peaches, jalapeños, green beans, and anything else that's a good deal. I'm such a sucker for farm fresh produce! 

JJ went to nursery for the first time. (In church it's where kids 18mos-3years can play and have a short lesson while the adults go to class) 

Along the lines of being a fun mom, I picked up some watercolors for JJ to try. Our first time was outside for easy cleanup. 

It started out pretty good until he tried painting himself... 

JJ got an awesome present in the mail of a tricycle from grandma and grandpa croft (my parents) and he really likes it. He hasn't quite gotten the pedals down. But he pushes himself along. 

We went on a picnic on one of the days that wasn't  blazing hot, JJ tried salsa and realized he loved it just like daddy. 

This kid is my favorite EVER except for his Daddy, he puts up with my constant squishing. Gives me kisses almost every time I ask, eats all his veggies, and sleeps pretty well most days. I think he is the cutest kid ever, if you need more convincing just ask the grandparents.

Whenever we get a Saturday together it's a big deal, and this time we were able to go to the Clark Planetarium. Justin played with the tornado maker.

JJ loves to ride on his dads shoulders, so they went to look at the solar system.

JJ was very interested in this ball...of course!

Once we let him run around he had a blast standing on the Moon and Mars.

Then Justin showed JJ the fog machiene

After the Planetarium we stopped by the splash pad hoping JJ could cool down and have some fun before heading home. it turns out that place is Mega slippery and JJ fell everytime he started to run.

I decided to see if he would touch the water if he was holding my hand.

after all that walking we were hungry for something sweet. We went to Kodiak Cakes (which has AMAZING cookies) for a cookie sundae.

we got two large sundaes, which was way too much! next time I think I'd rather just have 2 cookies.

JJ had lots of fun, especially since he doesn't get ice cream very often.

Later on in the month we went to see Despicable Me 2 at the drive-in. JJ had fun, although he really wanted to get down and run around before the movie started.

There is nothing better than time with my boys!

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