Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Pousima

Becky is Justin's little(est) sister, and one of the reasons we came to California when we did was to be there for her wedding! The night before Becky and Charlie's wedding the wedding party and family went out to eat at Macaroni grill. Ed and his Sister Sandy had a great time catching up.
we sat with the Kapahuas, Justin had a ton of fun goofing off with Makua and JJ and had them both busting up laughing!

The next morning we picked up Justin's brother Mike and headed down to San Diego, which was quite the drive!

The day was gorgeous and the sun was shining. The San Diego temple is just gorgeous and HUGE.

Becky took a peek at the flowers before she headed in to the temple.

Aren't the colors beautiful!!!

Justin played with Makua before we went in, look at the kid-size bow tie! Adorable!

All of the boutonnieres

These two kids are going to be the best of friends someday, just wait.

Taylor and JJ all dressed up.

These are the two ring bearers and the flower girl, they were so cute together. It's too bad that we didn't get a better picture of them together.


Kenasen decided to pull Justin's hair while we waited for the newlyweds.

Did you know the Father of the bride gets a bouquet now? yeah me either...

I adore this snazzy little kid!

Here they are! MR. & MRS. Pousima! Doesn't she look amazing?

After our LONG drive back from San Diego (in rush hour...ugh!) we met up with the Irvings and Grandma & Papa at Lazy dog for dinner. Lazy dog is always a must, everyone loves it and Jill works there too!

Justin always has the boys laughing for one reason or another, and is always sandwiched between the two boys!

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