Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Salty Air is Good for the Soul

How can you go to California and not soak up the wonderful salt air of the beach? Justin and I certainly can't pass up an opportunity to relax in the sand.  
JJ really needed a nap on our drive there so once we got to the beach we let him sleep. I opened the car doors and let the breeze come in while I read a book and he napped.
I don't get the chance to read often but when I do I realize how much I miss it.

Once JJ woke up my picture taking began! I had so many awesome pictures of the beach it was hard to pick just a few. The beach just lends itself to wonderful pictures, with the colors, sunshine, and open spaces.  

This is our darling nephew Makua I haven't gotten very many pictures of him smiling because he's either running away or playing and doesn't like to stop for photo ops. He LOVES to be outside exploring the most.

Sydney was showing JJ a sand crab and I was grateful he let me hold his hand.

Ben and Wil had lots of fun playing in the water and building sandcastles.

Justin even got JJ in the water and he LOVED it.


JJ's favorite part was kicking the surf as it came in.

Justin's mom Laurie-ann even snapped a few pictures of all of us together, which doesn't happen very often.

Me and my beach boys.

Justin's sister Becky gazing into the ocean at her then fiancé Charlie (only a few days until they got married!)

There is something about sand that little bodies love.

One day when I have tons of wall space I will have lots of these pictures hanging up to remind us how wonderful time at the beach is.

This little boy loves his wide open spaces!

Our camp, with the Irvings, Harts and Kapahuas.

Bruce's new favorite game is spike ball, you have a small ball and a net and you play on teams to spike the ball kinda like volleyball.

Everyone loved playing it can't you tell?

JJ got some one on one time to play with his Memere and she loved it too!

After dinner we roasted mallows and had shmoes, one of my favorite parts of an all beach day!
JJ even tried his first bite which he totally loved!

Before the sun set we wanted to walk down to the beach one last time and I wanted to take some more pictures.


These two are my favorite and I love seeing them laugh and have fun together!

Right there at the end of the pier was where Justin and I went on our first date, and where he asked me to marry him. Today is even our anniversary! (when I'm writing, not when we took these pictures) I'm so glad to be stuck with him forever, and if I had to pick all over again I'd choose him.

The sunset was so perfect I didn't even edit this picture!!!


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