Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Boys and Disc Golf

Whenever we go to California, hanging with friends is a must for Justin! He enjoys it even more if it involves sports. One morning we met up with Taylor Holland and Bruce and Marinda Kennison at La Mirada Regional Park to play some disc golf.

Taylor and Justin shared discs while Bruce played the whole time with a disc made for ultimate Frisbee.

The boys thought for sure they play without having to follow a map but eventually they gave in and picked one up.

While the boys chatted (maybe... do boys talk when they get together? I have no idea) and played Marinda and I wandered around the park and talked. Since JJ didn't want to play he got to go with the girls. The guy at the rental store even let him have a Frisbee to play with.

Before the boys were finished Marinda and I went out to get some Boba. It sounds weird and kinda is if you haven't had it before. It's tapioca balls inside tea or a smoothie. Marinda's favorite is the Taro smoothie so that's what we tried. I really liked it, it was very different than anything I had before and JJ even liked the boba.

After the boys gave up on getting the disc out of the tree they met us for lunch at Panera Bread. This is one of my favorite spots and I so wish they would come out to Utah!


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