Friday, October 11, 2013

Road Tripping

Our family had a very busy summer and August was no exception. Our August started with a trip to California for some much needed time in the sun.  We started by driving to California early in the morning. We thought for sure JJ would sleep after getting him up so early but he didn't want to.

After our first stop we broke out some new crayons and a coloring pad, later on he would eat the top of one...

after the novelty of the crayons wore off we brought out some new toys including this stretchy caterpillar.

At lunch time we stopped in Prim at a Mickey Dees even though we packed a lunch. JJ really needed to stretch his legs and burn off some energy.

later on that day we made another stop for gas and a potty break and about 10 mins later JJ needed to be changed, so another pit stop happened

This was JJs first trip facing forward in his seat and it made sleeping really difficult.

Finally after lots of driving and ahead of schedule we arrived at my Grandmas house, JJ loved playing in the backyard.

For dinner we met up with the Hollands at Panera (YUM!)

Molly was so nice and shared her mac and cheese with JJ.

After dinner it was time for dessert and where else do you go in California? Thrifty's of course! OK, well you have to go inside Rite Aid to get there but they still have the same wonderful ice cream. My favorite is Chocolate malted crunch! JJ even got his own cone!

We also Played some games with the Irvings, their favorite was headbandz. You put your mouse ears on with a character card in the front and ask questions till you figure out who you are.

They chose Stitch for Justin since he copies stitch's voice.

And JJ started to get really comfortable with Wil, and wanted to sit on his lap.

More California adventures to come!

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