Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Cabin in the Woods

In July we were able to travel to Wyoming for a family reunion on my Dad's side. JJ and I almost missed our plane but managed to make it on time. JJ is such a trooper when it comes to traveling and this summer he became quite the frequent flyer.

JJ and I flew in to the airport in Cody Wyoming,, It is one of the smallest airports I have ever seen but it is much better than flying into Billings Montana and driving forever. After my family picked me up from the airport and almost squeezed JJ's eyeballs out we went to lunch with my cousin brook and her husband Keith.

JJ was really glad to stretch his legs and strut his stuff with grandpa.

When Spencer and my Dad went to Peru they picked up this awesome hat for JJ and he can't wait to wear it when it gets cold, cant you tell?

Our next stop was the Big Apple grocery store to pick up a few things before we headed out to the Croft Cabin.

We piled into the car just like the old days, and shortly after JJ fell asleep.

Once you are up in the Mountains the air is so clean and fresh you can breathe much clearer.

 This is the view down the road just a little ways from the cabin, I remember this same view as a kid. The cabin is like a time machine that hasn't changed since I can remember. I'm guessing it hasn't really changed since it first came into the family.
JJ was in heaven! he loved all of his freedom to roam around and get dirty.

I wish we could have taken family pictures up here with all of the Wildflowers, trees, and old cabins.

Man look at that cute kid!

This is the Cabin on the right and the Shed on the left.

My Mom got a little crazy with the fly swatter...

JJ and uncle Braeden chilling on the front step.

This was JJ's first trip to the cabin, hopefully he gets many more!

Grandma helped get JJ to eat dinner.

What's a Croft family get together without a jam session? after dinner the boys broke out the guitar and the ukulele and we jammed. JJ even got in on the action.

Both my dad and Brian are amazing guitarists and I miss sitting in our old Hanover house listening to my dad play the guitar. He is where my love of James Taylor, and music came from.

After wearing JJ out enough to put him down, not the easiest task since there aren't any doors in the cabin. After putting him down we had to whisper, and for some reason when you're whispering and trying to be quiet everything is 10X funnier. If you haven't tried a shmoe' with a peanut butter sup instead of a chocolate bar you are missing out! YUM!
The boys got to sleep upstairs in the loft.

We even had to light a fire to keep us warm over night.

This next picture needs a little explanation... We got to bed pretty late and I had some trouble falling asleep ( I could hear at least 3 people snoring and JJ moving around) so I started a new book on my Kindle. I fell asleep around 1 or later and slept great until 4 when I had to get up to go to the bathroom, which you have to go out on the porch to get to. Then I snuck back in bed and read more of my book hoping to fall asleep but that never happened. I finally had to get up just after sunrise (5-something-am) with JJ. This is the sunrise from my window.

JJ cuddled with Uncle Spencer to stay warm.

I loved all of the natural light that came in the windows.

My dad made us an awesome breakfast of bacon, and pancakes.

After breakfast Grandpa showed JJ how to play the Uke

JJ discovered headphones, although he doesn't get leaving them in his ears.

We went and visited some old family friends the Horsley's who live on the mountain part of the year. He told us some awesome stories of when he was a kid and how his dad used to plant roses in Wyoming to see how hardy they were.

While eating lunch we played a game of Monopoly. We had to whisper again, making everything funnier since JJ was taking a nap.

After lunch we headed back down the mountain for some more family reunion fun!

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