Monday, October 7, 2013

Cowley Days Wrap Up

On our last day in Wyoming we headed up to the mountains one last time to show Justin how wonderful the cabin is.

Spencer got creative and decided to take pictures of some of the awesome wildflowers the pink one is the Indian paintbrush which is the state flower of Wyoming.

There is a ton of wildlife out in the mountains and we just happened to run into some deer.

One of JJ's favorite activities was swinging a stick around like a sword.

On our first trip up to the mountain we saw this tree trunk shaped like a heart and although I'm sure it would be better to leave it there for others to enjoy, we couldn't help ourselves. My uncle Max was the one wielding the chainsaw. We ended up with a few slices of wood to remind us of the cabin.

I wish I had gotten everyone in this picture but I only managed to get (clockwise from top) Brian, Mom, Braeden, Spencer, and I.

This little boy was very at home in this big forest.

The inside of the cabin hasn't changed in a long time and I really hope it never does.

After we came down from the mountain we traveled to the old log gym in Lovell for the yearly program. every year at least a few of our family members participate in some way or another. My Grandma Louise and her sister Eileen played a piano duet.
Some of the descendants of C.G. Welch sang a song.

I waited on the sidelines with my Aunt Vicki and my cousins little girl Olivia

The boys had enough of the show and went to the park across the way for some fun.

Then they stole the camera for some air Jordan shots

JJ even tried to dunk.

It was a great trip and we were all glad to spend some time with family. Thank you grandma and grandpa Croft and the Grandalens for hosting us!

JJ was sad to leave my little brothers and they were very sad to leave him too. It makes us all the more excited to visit Minnesota for Christmas.


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