Thursday, October 3, 2013

Welch Family Reunion and 5K

The next day was when the real family reunion festivities began. It all started with a trip to Minchows for lunch (Minchows is a small food court in Lovell) where we unintentionally met up with cousins, aunts and uncles.
I love seeing JJ playing with my dad, it is such an adorable relationship.
JJ also became buddies with Braeden, who let him borrow one of his headphones and watch a show on his kindle.

If you were thinking I take all these trips and leave Justin at home, I brought him along this time! well sorta. Later that day my Mom and I traveled to Cody to pick Justin up from the airport. JJ was SO excited to see his daddy.

we drove straight to the family reunion from the airport. If you were thinking this was some small family reunion, you were wrong. This family reunion was a gathering of the children of C.G. Welch and all of their kids and some grand kids...

Grandpa said he'd play with JJ to let him run around.
The next morning was the 5k and parade... we didn't really have a 5k but we did have to walk quite a far to get to our float in the parade. I didn't tell Justin he was going to be in a parade, it was his favorite part of the whole trip I'm sure ;)

Our spot in the parade was in the bed of a truck pulling a trailer. we kept cool in the heat with the popsicles another float was tossing out.

These are the mustang dollies, a staple here in Cowley days. Some of my cousins and aunts have been a part of the dollies. My cousin Lexi is the one in the teal and her two girls are riding in the back.

Justin and Spencer stayed cool with water dumped on their heads. See their shirts? they're for the reunion. My mom told me we were getting shirts and I told her I would wear them as long as they weren't pink... they were and I still got stuck wearing them.

This was the end of our "float." We were pretty surprised to see people watching the parade with the amount of people that were on our float. I remember being on a similar float as a kid and tossing candy into the crowds.
Braeden practiced his princess wave.

The other half of our float.

Justin really wanted to dunk his water bottle.

After the parade we had a big huge reunion lunch at my Grandparents house. JJ got his first taste of watermelon and seemed to like it.

This is my Dad, His parents and siblings. It isn't often you get the whole bunch together so we had to get a picture.

After the picnic we went to a bridge outside the city to take some family pictures. My awesome cousin Madison took our pictures, if you're in her area look her up! JJ didn't want to cooperate and I thought for sure we wouldn't have any pictures to show for our efforts, but Madison was fast and snapped some awesome pictures in between tantrums.
we also managed to coordinate outfits out of our suitcases with no planning beforehand! can you tell we like the same colors?


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