Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Exploring the Forest

The morning we woke up in the cabin we did a little bit of exploring while my mom and dad loaded up the car and straightened in the cabin. We decided to take JJ down to the creek where we have lots of memories playing as kids. This small bridge has been across the creek since I can remember.

JJ had lots of fun throwing rocks into the water, although he wasn't quite able to lift all the big rocks.

Uncle Brian making sure JJ doesn't jump off the bridge into the water.

Since the water was shallow and slow moving JJ got to play right in it.
this right here is little boy heaven.

After our fun at the creek we decided to teach JJ to be a dreamer and wish on dandelions.

After our trek down from the mountain we headed over to my Grandma and Grandpa Croft's house in Cowley to see some cousins and have dinner. Spencer even took JJ to the park across the street so my mom and I could check out the craft fair.


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