Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hugie Famly Reunion

In July we were able to attend the Hugie family reunion out in Croydon. Everyone got together for food, games and lots of catching up. It was a beautiful day albeit blazing hot! JJ really liked watching the horses through the fence.
After dinner all of the kids lined up against the fence to prepare for the... CANDY CANNON!

yeah you heard right, a candy cannon. Much more awesome than a simple piñata!

The kids had a blast and JJ even got in on the action.

JJ managed to pick up a few tootsie rolls the other kids left behind.

As if that wasn't enough sugar for the kids, they held a pie eating contest. To make the contest more fair they divided the kids up in age groups. JJ didn't win and barely broke into his pie during the contest.

Next up were Kayden and Jocelyn, the older the kids got the more determined and funnier they were.

after the contest JJ continued to eat and got messier by the minute.

The last age group was the adults, Justin's dad Kim (left) and Brother Dave (right) were all smiles before they started eating... they weren't quite so happy after they finished though...

to wash off all of the pie faces they filled a trough with water, Justin took JJ over to wash him off.

I love the texture the fence shadow makes on JJ's skin.

This is Justin's cousin Tiffany dunking her son after he shoved pie in her face, then she shoved it in his.

And Tiffany and her sister Jenni throwing him in the water for revenge.

The scenery was gorgeous since we were surrounded by mountains.

JJ started spitting water at JJ... My husband is so talented!

The drive home was just as inspiring with the sun setting and the moon rising, we had a great time at the family reunion and are thankful to have so much family here in Utah.


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