Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer strolls

Life just never seems to slow down around here and I'm guessing that won't change anytime soon. Finally I've gotten around to putting more summer up on the blog, It started out lovely and warm and then turned to BLAZING hot! we took some time early on in the month and went to the park. JJ and Justin had lots of fun climbing up the hill and running down
It was quite the steep hill for such a little boy but he loved the feeling of running down after climbing up.

Murray Park is one of our favorite spots around here, it has lots of grass, trees, flowers, and ducks. JJ loves to watch the ducks and the people walking their dogs.

Another awesome part about summer is all of the delicious fruit! this is JJ eating his first nectarine, he loved it! and would eat one everyday at every meal if we would let him.

We Celebrated Fathers day and June and July birthdays with the Looney side of the family, don't they have an awesome backyard?

For Fathers day one of Leonard's kids framed his jersey, cleats, trophy, and letters from High School running.

Justin got golf balls for his birthday! Sue and Leonard know him so well!!!

JJ tried to swing on the big kid swing but kept slipping off.

This was the big moon that happened at the end of June. I had to get at least one picture of it although it's not as awesome as some I've seen.

I was also lucky enough to participate in our girls camp this year. We did a temple camp and were able to attend the draper and oquirrh mountain temples. I love being able to go to the temple especially with the youth.

These are some of the crazy goofs I spent my time with!

Some of our young women, the leaders and our stake relief society president.

This is what my nights look like when I get to spend them with Justin and JJ, JJ is getting his silliness and goofiness from his daddy that's for sure.



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