Thursday, September 19, 2013

The 4th of July

This year for July 4th we celebrated on the 3rd since the fireworks were that night and I had to work the next day. We ate dinner at the Chattertons house and then played outside until it was time for fireworks. JJ really liked playing with this squirt gun shaped like a shark although he couldn't quite figure out how to shoot it.
Our good friends the Hopes came and brought their darling squish Melanie, who is very fond of drinking out of a water bottle.

JJ played a little croquet while waiting for dark to fall.

Once it was dark enough we pulled out the good old sparklers and let JJ hold his first one (with daddy's help of course)

He was mesmerized from the start!

And Melanie got a look too, and after that these kids were hooked.

I tried to take my turn writing with the sparklers but failed trying to write July, a star was much easier and faster.

Kayden proudly holding her sparkler and wearing her flag shirt.

Melanie is Super adorable and very affectionate, she just wanted to give mommy a kiss.

Finally the fireworks started over at Rio Tinto Stadium, right next to where we were sitting, they were amazing! and sometimes a little close for comfort.

I tried to get a picture of us watching the fireworks, but didn't want to us the flash. I used a super low shutter speed and sat down really fast.
I was hoping to use the same technique for my picture of JJ, but my flash fired and we got this. This I probably the last picture we have of JJ drinking a bottle before we switched to a cup with a straw.

On 4th of July I had to work but came home to the Looney extended family lighting off fireworks in the street and was still able to enjoy some of the festivities.


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