Saturday, August 31, 2013

Monkey in the Middle

When my family gets together one of our favorite things to do is sit back on the couches and watch JJ. This kid is such a ham and a goofball, he really is our home entertainment center.
Uncle Braeden had fun playing fetch with JJ.

JJ "I got it!, I got it!"

then Wil and Braeden decided monkey in the middle was more fun with JJ as the monkey.

Brian and Ben became fast friends since they both play mine craft.

Grandma tried to get it some more kisses.
I remember so many fun times playing in this room with my cousins when we came to visit grandma. 

Aunt Jill stole some cuddle time with the little man.

While we were in Utah we got to celebrate Wil's birthday, he would have rather had Justin there but he was ok with JJ there. 
Just a couple more pictures from Wil's all star baseball tournament, Wil Irving has a nice ring as a pro baseball player doesn't it? he'll tell you he's gonna go pro and play for the Angels.

Our cheering section, and Jill one of those loud baseball moms cheering for her not so baby boy.


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